Door spring tool.

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  1. crazypurgatory

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    If anybody is replacing there door pins and needs to compress the spring to remove or install it this is the tool and the brand you need to get.
    Steck Manufacturing 21910 Made in the U.S.A
    I used it on my 2001 s10 and it will also work on my fourth gen Camaro so I would think it would work on sec gen Camaros too.
    I got a cheap one form advance auto parts that's made in China and it bent and could not compress the spring.
    So this one is strong and made in the U.S.A and I got it off E-bay for $12.19 New.
    You can get this brand from Advance auto parts and o'reilly auto parts but you have to order it and it's around 20 bucks.
    My advise to anybody that uses this tool is to wear some gloves and eye protection.
    I guess I did not have the spring set right in the jaws and when it popped out the tool pinched my finger. But other that that the tool worked "GREAT".
  2. frank5s

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    Sep 6, 2008
    Naperville Il
    That tool also works to put the springs in a rev kit
  3. bodymanbill

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    Feb 1, 2007
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    The Steck tool is good quality, I've had mine over 20 years. I've been to their factory they make nice stuff

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