Does Camaro have 5x4 1/2 lug pattern?

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  1. jayfire

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    Jun 26, 2008
    dayton, nevada
    I found an ad on craigslist for these turbine wheels and he said that he pulled these wheels off a camaro for sure and that the lug pattern was 5 by 4.50 Is this true? Both my camaro and firebird are 5 by 4.75. Is he measuring wrong?
  2. Kamikaze

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    All Camaros have been 5 x 4.75 pattern.
  3. tom3

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    Aug 1, 1999
    Early Fords and Mustangs had the 4.5 I think.
  4. blades67

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    Oct 22, 2005
    Chandler, Arizona, USA
    Fords and Mopars use a 5X4 1/2" lug pattern. If he pulled them off a Camaro then they have a 5X4 3/4" lug pattern and he's just mistaken about the size.
  5. POS71RS

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    Aug 21, 2002
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    instead of measuring from center to center of the lug holes, I'll bet he measure from one side of one hole, to the wrong side of another hole.. if that makes sense...

    ie, the holes are probably 4.5 inches apart, but the center to center is 4.75...
  6. I think that the 67-69 Camaros had a 4 1/2 inch pattern.
  7. Gary S

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    Apr 14, 1999
    Bismarck, North Dakota
    No, the 67-69 Camaro uses the same 4.75" pattern as our cars.

    The 4.5" is a Ford and Mopar thing.

    To measure correctly, you have to measure exactly across the center of the hub to know the distance from the hub. With 5 holes, you don't have any two holes exactly in line with the center of the hub. It is simple geometry. Measure right and you get the right measurement.
  8. 70rat

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    Mar 23, 2003
    Reno,NV USA
    Actually it's not center to center on a 5 lug bolt pattern.
  9. POS71RS

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    Aug 21, 2002
    Central Coast, CA
    ^ ^ ^ no crap... oops!
  10. F-Bodypilot

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    And the winner is.......

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