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  1. High Country Z

    High Country Z Veteran Member

    Not that much, whatever is in the gas lines will drain out.
  2. Millz90

    Millz90 Veteran Member

    ha...ok i must just think its a lot.
    Just worries me to have gas out like that.
  3. High Country Z

    High Country Z Veteran Member

    Be careful and have a fire extinguisher handy.
  4. TheTurtle

    TheTurtle New Member

    Feb 19, 2011
    once you have the hose off of the pump the only fuel that leaks out is what was already in the hose shouldnt it? It didnt take but about 30 minutes. The pump will have some it it but it should only kill a few brain cells :crazy:
  5. Millz90

    Millz90 Veteran Member

    Ha i know right, and believe me i need all i can keep!
  6. nonstopgo68

    nonstopgo68 Veteran Member

    Apr 19, 2011
    Mobile, Alabama
    hey i know im late on this but make sure you well ventilated . if i do this in the garage i put a fan blowing towards the door.

    also, to block off fuel line you can use a small set of vise grips to crimp down on the rubber fuel line close to the hard lines so you can have a little play to work with.
  7. Millz90

    Millz90 Veteran Member

    Yea I put a mask on and used a fan. Finally got it changed. Not a big job at all.

    One question I do have is......

    I took the rod out because the directions say it should sit on the fuel pump lever but when I slid the rod into the engine it seemed to go really far.
    Is that normal?
    Does it need to be seated some how or does it just push up into the hole?
  8. 76 camaro car 1

    76 camaro car 1 Veteran Member

    Apr 23, 2010
    You must have the rod in there for it to operate the fuel pump.If it came out it will be OK to put it back in.
  9. Millz90

    Millz90 Veteran Member

    ok so it doesnt lock in or anything just slides into the hole correct?
  10. High Country Z

    High Country Z Veteran Member


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