Difference between Hedder Back and Cat Back System

Discussion in '1978 - 1981 Specific' started by Lancaster, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Lancaster

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    can somebody tell me the difference between the Hedder Back and the Cat Back System,
    please ?
    In the next nearly future my Camaro will need a new exhaust system; I was looking
    around trying to find the best compromise between a good price and quality.
    All the ( Camaro ) guys which I met at the last Oldtimer meetings told me that
    Hedder Back is better as the Cat back; now I found two of them which seems to be good
    in my opinion: Magnaflow
    16828 or SUM-680101 with FLO-81068.
    Your opinion will be apreciate.
  2. badazz81z28

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    May 4, 2001
    Las Vegas, NV
    I can't believe nobody has answered this for you. The name says it all....The CAT Back is a system that starts from the catalytic converter to the tail pipes. Very common with modern cars. The header back is just that, a system that starts at the header flange to the tail pipe. I highly doubt there are CAT back systems for 70-81 Camaros.
  3. HawkX66

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    Sep 20, 2017
    In addition to above, "header back" is also assuming you have headers versus exhaust manifolds. The third option that you didn't mention is manifold back if you don't have headers.
  4. Lancaster

    Lancaster Veteran Member

    @badazz81z28 ... @ HawkX66
    Thanks for the explanations.
    Two days ago I was talking with a guy, who is occupied as a mechanic with old Camaros.
    He told me that I can use all exhaust systems, which belongs to the catalytic converter
    time. I may have difficulties when I will try to use a system before the Cat.Conv. era.
    ... and ... if my Camaro has only 160 hp, header back or manifold back system won´t give
    me a big difference in comparison with a cat back system ..... and .... the price of cat back
    is really lower. Therefore to cut to the chase ... Magnaflow 16828 will be the quintessence.

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