Daytona Turkey Run

Discussion in 'Florida Region' started by bygblok, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Blown Camaro

    Blown Camaro American by birth, drag racer by choice

    Dec 13, 2009
    Deltona, FL
    Yep! LOL I saw a '69 red Chevelle for $56,500! Holy moly that's a lot of money. Belair was packed tonight and a lot of fun. No burnouts on A1A because cops everywhere but I did rap the throttle for the lawnchair crowd.
  2. CamaroGP

    CamaroGP Veteran Member Gold Member

    Nov 10, 2012
    Summerfield, Florida
    I was at Belair lastnight. Got there at 4ish and it was packed then. I got a dual thumbs up from the cop directing traffic when I left. Felt odd......usually I get a stop gesture or a point to pull over! :) At the speedway they parked me in the dirt. Didn't know they had dirt like that in there. Did not like that one bit. Next year going straight to Belair.

  3. Damon23

    Damon23 Veteran Member

    Jan 29, 2006
    Had a great time this year. Only issue I had was at bel aire when I was one row over and a guy flagged us down that he was leaving. My son jumped out to stand in the spot and another guy in a black 40's ford truck just kept backing up almost hitting him. A couple people let him have it but he didn't care. Saving spots is kind of lame really but I was one row over. I wish the guy that flagged us would have stayed put until I got over there. I told my son he should have just stood his ground, the guy would have stopped.

    I think it was Friday but we left the speedway around 1pm and cruised over to bel aire. The place was packed already. I was talking to a guy up front by ruby tuesdays and he said go get my car cause he was leaving. I left the car there and we uber'd to the hotel to change and uber'd back.

    The prices on some of the cars were up there but I have to say the quality of the cars for sale was not there. I guess the market is running thin and we are starting to see dolled up cars being flipped.
  4. bygblok

    bygblok Veteran Member

    Nov 28, 2010
    Pensacola Florida
    didn't make it this year. I think I enjoyed the spring show better though because of the crowd. Might head that way for the March show. My problem will be deciding what car to take, the 70 Camaro, the 69 Dart or my 66 Buick(if it's done by then) Decisions, decisions!!!

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