Day at the Track (2017 October)

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    Jan 8, 2004
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    My last track day was April 15 2012, work and family has kept me away until my long time best friend wanted to race his 92 Mustang 302 w/Procharger against my 409 Small Block.

    We are both close, my car is over 400 to the wheels from 3300 to 6500. His is similar but more from 3800 to 5200. His car weighs 3400lbs mine weighs 3992. His best time was 12.2 mine before race day was 12.516 but mine was back to back and he has not had time to post up another 12.2. When he did the 12.2 he blew a head gasket so he had his heads milled and was hoping for an 11 sec run. He has updated to a T56 Magnum and Dual Clutch setup.

    I did some work to my car as well since 2012, I added CalTracks when from an ST10 to a TKO500, Centerforce DFX clutch, QuickTime Bell, 1-3/4 headers, added a 2 step and went to 28" slicks.

    So the Stage was set ... old school battle of the best of 3 ... we planned for 10/11 but that day rained out ... so we moved it to 10/18 ... I just had to replace my power steering pump which was another nightmare but I got the car ready by 11am 10/18 so we (Dad and I went out) and won the first two he could not run the third because his car overheated but he sent another huffer in his place a Buick GNX which was no match for my car.

    First run, I did a granny launch and he missed shifted and ran a 13 flat he ran a 14, 2nd run he fouled and I did a 3K launch and ran 12.88; third run was a real race run ... did a 4.2k 2-step launch ran a 12.473 my best; 108.99 with a 1.673 60ft time.

    I need to do a day at the track to tune her; she needs some more timing and fuel so this winters projects are a new computer/logger setup and if I can swing it AFR 233 heads which are a lot bigger then my 178 Edelbrock Pro-flow RPM.

    Here is the video of the runs:

    Here are my runs.


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    Good stuff that's what it's all about.
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    And the Camaro WINS!!!!
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