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    I'd have to agree with him as would a lot of people. That's why this story hits home to so many people. All anyone has to do is read for themselves and they'll learn a whole lot of what the Catholic church is doing over and above, or outside of, what Jesus taught.
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    I just don't understand why some people get all "up-in-arms" over the book/movie... it never claimed to factual...
    it's just entertainment.

    BTW: I was raised Catholic
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    You are right 77, the book just spawns discussion about history. Most of the rants and raves are about history, not the book itself.
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    Funny... those are exactly the people who Jesus wants us to talk to! ;)
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    Bamaz28 ?

    why can't he just show him/herself (if existant)??!!

    If I recall correctly, Moses wanted to see him and God told him if Moses were to look upon God's face he would die. So he could only see his back as he walked by.


    Therefore, I tend to give stuff like this a good amount of attention, and pondering, as it has as much credibility as Jesus does.

    According to a DVD I watched about this that is not so…Here are some intriguing things that I can recall from the DVD…

    When you do the research most of the writings in the new testaments were written in the time period within 50 years after Jesus died, this adds credibility as it is more likely that these writings were written by persons who actually witnessed events and or really knew Jesus. The writings referred to in Di Vinci code were written by authors who lived several hundred years after Jesus died, so therefore they could only be writing based on passed down information or copied from other writings. This information is based on real documents discovered in archeological finds that are dated. There are like 26000 documents found in several different languages that are all very close in translation. This in and of itself provides a strong position that the Bilble is more reliable than Di Vinci Code. Many scholars have researched and looked for evidence to support and dispute the Bible. So there are open minded people studying alternate possibilities. The fact is that the next closest number of real documents is like for Homer or Virgil and those only number in the hundreds compared to historical Biblical documents being over 26000 found.

    Primate statement - thats it exactly. this book was never put out there as anything but fiction.

    Then why is it that he states in the book that everything in the book is factual. I can find out the page number but I forgot which one.


    As to the movie, in my honest opinion, it is fictional and it doesn't shake my religious beliefs.



    I just don't understand why some people get all "up-in-arms" over the book/movie... it never claimed to factual...

    It is my understanding that the author does state in book that it is indeed completely factual…maybe it was page 57? Anyone who has read it see this?
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    As a Catholic, I personally believe that the reason for the uproar around this movie (and the book) is because there are enough facts in it to possibly persuade people to doubt their faith, especially if they do not have a strong faith to begin with. In this day and age a lot of people don't have a strong faith--look at how many can't even be bothered to take one hour a week to respect God by attending mass, even if only for the sake of giving their children the same level of faith that they have.
    In that context, the Church and those who do have a strong faith have reason to fear for the souls of those for whom this fictitious account becomes the last straw.
    For me, it was an interesting story, but I'll wait for the video.
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    Agreed. We even have people on this board who are saying stuff like (paraphrased) "the church is afraid of the truth that resides with in this fictional book".

    Clearly, there are significant number of people who are taking this "fiction" as fact (I would suspect, without doing one iota of their own research). So people's comments about finding the uproar humorous... perhaps the people causing the "uproar" actually care about the souls of these people.





    I mean, before the Da Vinci code, how many of these people even entertained the notion that Jesus fathered a child??? :rolleyes: Frankly I think it has such a tabloid National Enquirer appeal to it that certain people with that kind of mentality are more inclined to believe it at first glance.

    But this is why it's SOOOO important for believers to know what they believe and why (I Peter 3:15).
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