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    Oct 14, 2007
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    Do you really need the factory cowl vents if you are converting to aftermarket AC or Vintage Air? I live in humidity 10 months out of the year and have no need for fresh air vents. What is the harm in just blocking them off completely?
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    Saw this a while back but since I don't have many leaves blowing around near the car I never got around to doing it till this weekend when I saw wasps entering through the slots in the hood. Sprayed some bug killer into the area from the rear of the hood and when I opened it there were several looking up at me from the nest attached to the bottom of the plastic grill! After I got through spraying the critters I removed the grill, pealed off the 6" diameter nest and vacumed 12 dead ones out. I then used some black aluminum screen and 4" cable ties. This should put an end to that problem!
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    I just saw this...what a great idea. Thanx for keeping this alive.
    After reading, i went out and checked all my vehicles. The 03 Alero, and the 04 Colorado both have screens and the 04 Mustang has an offset venting. I am going to do this as part of my therapy when im ready. We are full grown tree crazy where we live. The worst is the willow in our front yard.
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    great idea, I stripped my 81 down the other day and stuck my hands in those vents on the inside just getting an idea of where everything went (I've traditionally been into Mopars to I'm exploring with this one) and was shocked at home much junk and fresh "earth" I found in the sides of the car!
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    Hmm. Good question.

    The upper dash vents are not used by the plenum system in an A/C car but the lower vents appear to use the outside plenum air.

    Debris will eventually end up in the base of the front fender from the cowl, regardless of an additional screen being added. It will just take longer to accumulate with the screen in place.

    We really need to remove the cowl cover occasionally, and place a vacuum cleaner tube inside the fender(s) there, then blow compressed air through the rocker panel vent to keep the debris to a minimum.
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    I'm scared of whats in mine, know it hasn't ever been touched...I first saw the screen idea from Guy's project and plan on doing it to mine. I'm glad this thread got around and was used by others...why I love this site so much :bowtie:
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    Just for you one LAST time! Have a quality day!;)
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    or just park your car in a garage .. the outside air is only used when not in the recirculate ( max A/C ) setting . and only the right side of the cowl is blocked off with the max A/C setting . its like an A/C filter .. the more dense the media the more often it needs to be cleaned ( unless pleated ) . picture of right side cowl plenum in the closed ( max A/C ) position with the factory screen off ... [​IMG] open in every other position .. [​IMG]
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