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  1. scottgull

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    Sep 12, 2013
    Relatively new and trying to learn so forgive my stupidity......

    Im going to look at a 1970 camaro to buy tomorrow that is priced right (daily driver), the owner is telling me that there is no trim tag on it. The VIN on the title matches the VIN in the windshield. There are 2 things that bother me about the car being a '70 and I understand that both of the these could easily just be the previous owners personal taste.

    Here is my issue......
    rear spoiler is a 3 piece spoiler so that could have been added or changed.....

    the front seats are high back seats instead of the low back seats with head rest. Again, I know that could have been changed as well but my big question is, would the floor pans have had to be modified to accept the high back seat tracks or is it possible that the floor pans were replaced and they installed pans from the wrong year model?

    Is there any way to verify the accessory options that were on the car originally?

  2. Gary S

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    Apr 14, 1999
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    The missing trim tag isn't a big issue. The 70 trim tags didn't have much information on them to identify the car anyway. The Norwood tags identified Z28 and SS396 cars, but nothing else as far as options. The Van Nuys tags didn't identify anything at all.
    The 3 piece spoiler became available part way through the 1970 model year, so it could be original, but not likely. More likely it was added later. That is a common modification. The high back front seats for a 71-74 should bolt in with no mods to the car. 75 and later had catalytic converters so the floor was different to make room for it.
    If you want to be sure it is a 70, there is a partial VIN stamped on the tranny and another one stamped under the heater box in the engine compartment. The one of the heater box isn't accessable until you tear the heater box out of the car so looking at that one isn't practical.
    With a car this age, there are most likely lots of modifications already so it can be difficult to know by the small things. A 70 had different radio and light switch knobs than the later cars. A 70 would have two horns while a 71 and 72 came standard with only one horn. A 70 has a different internal front driver's side fender where the washer bottle mounts. But, many of these things are likely already changed over the years.
  3. 70lt1z28

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    Gary hit most of the easy ones, but another place to look that is relatively easy is the end of the subframe under the drivers door. There is a number stamped on a diagonal that is like 32070N1 where the first number corresponds to the month the frame was made, next numbers (can be 2 digits or one, but if one then there will be a blank spot) correspond to the day of the month the frame was made and then a 2 digit year (70 in my example). The N could also be an S and corresponds I think to the frame manufacturer and the last number is the shift it was made on. You may need to wirebrush the gunk off of this area.

    more can be found here:
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    I am always suspicious when the tag is missing, but it happens.

    If it has a 70 V8 in it, the partial VIN is stamped on the block next to the oil filter. You have to clean the area and it is best to use a camera on macro mode to view the number. It should match the VIN.

    The high seats were the deluxe seats that year, I believe. The tracks should be the same.

    So what is the VIN? That would help us determine the possible sequence of the car.
  5. COPO

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    Post pics.
  6. Rich Schmidt

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    If you are concerned that the car might be a 1970 VIN tag on a 71 or later body,just pop the trunk. The divider panel is unique to 1970,and the trunk floor is actually slightly different where the divider panel meets it. The divider panel difference is very easy to identify. A real 70 divider panel will have one small square hole and there will be a few ribs stamped into the entire width of the panel. On 71-73 the panel will have odd shaped cut outs in it and one of the cut outs will be a tall rectangle that will have the expansion tank for the fuel system in it.
  7. FlaJunkie

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    Mar 24, 2001
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    So what happened to this guy???

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