Correct shade for 70-72 SS 396 Tailpanel

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  1. roeville

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    Oct 9, 2000
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    DDL-9381 is what my color chart shows also for “ACCENT AREAS HIGH PERFORMANCE BLACK (LOW GLOSS)”

  2. Gary S

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    To me, that seems to confirm what Chuck is saying and what his pictures show. Assembly line cars weren't fancy and getting special paint. The paint on the rear panel was most likely the same paint used on the Z28 stripes. I've always felt the same as Chuck about that. Chuck and I are old timers who were there when those cars came off the dealer's lots and we got to see them new. The rear panel paint was shiny when new.
    People today seem to want to match the rear panel to dull 50 year old faded paint, but then they paint the rest of the car in overly shiny basecoat/clearcoat which is no where near originality shine.
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    Unless I am reading this all wrong on the last page here-Chuck was comparing 1969 shine comparisons to a 1970 car.

    There is zero debate as to the color used. The issue within the hobby for years is why the shine or level of gloss varies within the survivor vehicle community. The remaining debates just like what is being discussed here is the natural outcome.

    Original gloss from the factory was a product of reflow and oven temperature.
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    Here is a little test I ran for personal research.
    The lower strip is 30% flattener by volume in black lacquer - the upper above is 20% flattener by volume. -- then I taped one side and used some meguires swirl remover and then polish - The difference if the panels are every polished or waxed numerous times over the years is SIGNIFICANT.
    20% flattened

    30% flattened

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