connecting AC delco radio to new speakers.?

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by JordanZ28, Dec 26, 2017.

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    Camaro used a 3 channel stereo. All other GM vehicles I'm familiar with, both cars and trucks had 4 channel. A 4 channel radio will fit the Camaro perfectly but you get only R or L channel on the front, and the unused channel should have a 10 ohm resistor put across it or it will blow the amplifier in the radio.

    You can use 4 or 8 ohm speakers in place of the GM 10 ohm speakers. The 8s work quite well. The 4s kind of suck as they draw more power putting your amps at risk if turned up too high, and the impedance mismatch makes the volume control touchy. You can't turn it up hardly at all without blowing both yourself and the amps out of the vehicle.
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    Thanks for replying, I found this online (AC LD-10 Level Signal Booster Increase RCA Signal Dual Gain Adjustable) which connect radio to amp; but i don't want to use amp. Is these can be used as converter for lower ohm speaker
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    The other thing you can do is find a junk 4 ohm small (tweeter) speaker and cut the cone out of it so it doesn't make any sound. Then wire this in series (in the middle of the positive wire) and then to the in dash speaker. Two 4 ohms in series is the same electrically as a single 8 ohm speaker to the radio. Basically, wire out from radio to one connector on 4 ohm tweeter speaker then other connect from 4 ohm tweeter speaker to in dash speaker. Then other connection from in dash speaker straight back to radio.
    Electrically, the Delco radio expects a minimum "load" or impedance (in this case, a fancy word for resistance) of 8-10 ohms. If the impedance is too low, it starts looking more like a short circuit to the radio and the output transistor will overheat and blow. The lower the impedance and the higher the volume (power output) the hotter the transistor becomes. That's why some folks can use 4 ohm speakers and not have any problems. Maybe they just don't turn it up very loud so as to not overheat the transistor.
    The other thing you could do is submerge the output transistor in liquid nitrogen. That would keep it cool.
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