compressed air filtration.

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    I was thinking the other day, every one always runs there filter driers after their air supply tank, probably just because its easy, and still keeps most of the crap out of their air tools. but wouldn't it be better to plumb a filter between the actual compressor and the air tank? doing it this way should prevent moisture from building up in the tank all together and you would get more life out of your filters right?
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    None of the manufacturers do that I know of. One reason is that moisture is caused by air heating when compressed into the tank, then cooling off. So, no matter if you filtered air before going into the tank, condensation is still going to occur inside the tank.
  3. 71flh

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    Jun 1, 2010
    Moisture is in the air all around us. It isn't magically created by heating and cooling the air.
    Compressing the air puts the water molecules closer together making them more apparent.

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    Nov 15, 2011
    Just recently I've seen a couple of people DIY a old a/c condenser between the tank and the compressor with a water trap just before the tank. Most people measure a ~200*f drop from before/after. Since the air is already cooled before going into the tank if you have a normal filter/water trap at the end of your piping you should be 100x ahead of the game.

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