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Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by AJ81Z28, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. AJ81Z28

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    Mar 21, 2017
    I have a 327 with a 270 Magnum Comp Cam 2.02 heads hi rise performer RPM intake manifold and 750 edelbrock carb which I know is too big and called them and I have leaned out jets rods etc to make it work great.

    Anyways, there is not that much room under the hood so I had a pretty short air cleaner on it but the engine was running super powerful. I've had this engine for 27 years and this is by far the fastest it's ever been. My friend suggested getting a low rise plenum hooked up to a 4 inch stainless tube to the cone air cleaner right behind the headlight.

    So it basically made everything worse. Stumbling. Engine cuts out at 5000 rpm. Kind of misfires from 4000-5000 etc. Thinking that the air flow was super increased making it a lean situation I stepped up the carb jets and rods etc two steps rich. No change. Now I'm wondering if this thing is cutting my air intake and creating an over rich air flow. Since too lean or too rich cause the same problems.

    I put everything back to how it was and works great again. Has anyone had any experience with this?

    I bought this thing:

    All the reviews say great fit, looks great etc. One guy did claim he put that one on and the taller one on his 383 on a dyno and they both cut his power by 60 and 40 HP.
  2. AJ81Z28

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    Mar 21, 2017
    I'd ordered both styles. Anyways after a not so helpful response from Edelbrock who told me to keep an eye on the spark plugs. I called Spectre, the maker of the cold air intake. Anyways they said the part was not rated for that much HP. So my friend and I took off the hood to try out the taller plenum which was supposedly rated up to 800 HP or something. Anyways, that cut my engine power as well.

    So we tried an experiment where I ran the car for a very short distance with no air cleaner. It was no different than running the little air cleaner that I originally had on there.

    Long story short. If you are running a mild engine and want more chrome the cold air intake systems are nice looking. Otherwise stick with your air cleaner.
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    May 19, 2000
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    Aside from not choking the engine off with too restrictive a setup....

    Also you really need to get the air filter truly isolated from the engine compartment to get the benefits of "cold air".

    Simply running a tube to relocate the air filter off to the side someplace in the engine compartment (which i see sometimes) isn't going to do anything.

    I've been running a lot testing lately with intake air temps and getting actual data.

    Granted mine is an EFI setup but the principles still apply.


    My original tube was 3 inch dia, but when I increased that to 4 inch, there was significant seat of the pants improvement above 4500 rpm...
  4. AJ81Z28

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    Mar 21, 2017
    You are right. I came across a video of these guys testing various setups with cold air intake. None of the setups were better than the factory air box. Except when they literally had the intake sticking out the front of the car thru the headlight area. It gained 7 HP.
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    Not really worth the expense or headache to install

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