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Discussion in 'Garages, Workshops & Tools' started by clay's70, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. clay's70

    clay's70 Moderator Lifetime Gold Member

    I built this 24' x 24' Garage in 1996.
    Bottle Collection
    Books and TUNES
    Old Washing Machine--for rags and really dirty clothes!!
    Old shelving from my store lag bolted to the wall.
    Free Compressor!!
    This Counter folds flat to the wall when i need it out of the way.

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  2. sponge003

    sponge003 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Jan 10, 2009
    Concord, NC
    Wow, it looks kinda chaotic till you look are very organized!!

    like the bottle collection!!
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  3. ghibbert

    ghibbert Member

    Apr 4, 2010
    spanish fork, ut
  4. K5JMP

    K5JMP Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Man I wish I had a garage instead of a mudhole.. lol:whine:
    Looks great Clay.. everything in it's place.
  5. Marks71BB

    Marks71BB Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Very well done Clay. wanna spend a week in mine and organize it for me?

    lotta shelves and pegboard help a lot.
  6. Rene Melten

    Rene Melten Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Sep 22, 2007
    Blind Bay, B.C.
    Like the idea of a beater washing machine, only a plumber would think of that.;)
  7. clay's70

    clay's70 Moderator Lifetime Gold Member

    Thanks guys!! The pegboard was free from a neighbor. The shelving was from my store, old display stuff you see at any retail place. I did not use the bases and I laged it up high to give myself more room near the floor where I would be working on stuff. I've been working on it a long time it has not always be so neat.
  8. K5JMP

    K5JMP Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Me too!! I have a redhead who has smacked me in the back of the 'noggin several times for throwing my Carhart's in her washer:screwup:
    She doesn't understand washing shop towels either...
  9. clay's70

    clay's70 Moderator Lifetime Gold Member

    My next door neighbor was getting a new machine because this one leaked. When the appliance guys brought the old one out of the house i asked them to drop it in my garage. If it leaked it can leak on the concrete. Well it turned out there was nothing wrong with the machine, her cut off valve was cracked and leaking. So, I replaced her valve for free.:innocent:
    When I run it I just hook up the garden hose to it!!
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  10. woody80z28

    woody80z28 Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Sep 8, 2004
    walton, ny usa
    Now there's the organization that I need for my 24x24...haha

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