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Discussion in 'Body Restoration' started by silver81, Aug 3, 2017.

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    Jan 29, 2017
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    As the value rose on the Cadillac restoration Hagerty would no longer insure it above a certain level greater than 100 k... Grundy would insure it for the total cost of the restoration but they required pictures of the garage...of the car in the garage.. a ton of paperwork on the car .. including every receipt in order to get agreed-upon value for a total restoration.
    So whenever I changed the Cadillac over to Grundy they became our classic car insurance. Seems like most people I know end up putting more in a car than the cars worth in a restoration so if something does happen and it gets stolen or totally destroyed.. at least you get your money back.
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    Aug 11, 2015
    Hagerty DOES NOT require you park your car in a locked garage. Also note that Hagerty offers such attractive benefits because they only insure you if your driving record is very good. If you're a good driver, they will insure you for an agreed upon value. I interrogated the hagerty salesman and the jist of their insurance is this: Go to every car show you want, go to every cruise in, cruise every back road you want. Don't take it to work more than a couple times a year and don't take it to get groceries every day for two years and then file a claim about a few scratches in your $30k paintjob. They are completely reasonable in terms of what they offer and I am very satisfied with them so far.
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    The grocery store scenario is covered under the Berkley Classic policy. You take your car to the grocery store. Someone keys your vehicle while you are inside shopping.

    Too much to post but here is a link to the PR verbiage.
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    Haggerty!Hands down!I had to file a claim on a truck i had restored.I decided to drive it to work one morning an hit a deer and all i had to do was get a estimate and they cut me a check.Also stated if anymore damage was found to let them know and they would do a adjustment.I was headed to get it serviced after work.So much for that.I also had a agreed value on the truck.Your premium is dependent on your agreed value.Great company to deal with.
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    I know address do other variables. But I just did an apples to apples comparison between Hagerty and Grundy. Hagerty was $330 more per year ($550 vs $220) for my application. I'm actually still shopping around. My current agent who I use for home/auto also writes policies for classic cars. I'm going to let him run some quotes next week.

    Berkley doesn't offer coverage in GA according to their website.
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    I use National Corvette Museum
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    Bummer, I just signed up for Hagerty on the way to the DMV to register this thing... Apparently they need three days to underwrite your policy... I've been spoiled by progressives instant changes. Guess i'm not getting a plate today.

    EDIT: just got approved, they did want four pictures of the car first though!
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    I had Haggerty for 17 years, no issues. However.... this time I went with State Farm. Believe it or not, State Farm coverage is exactly the same as Haggerty with two exceptions, a $100 deductible, and much less expensive! I know it doesn’t sound like what you expect but look into it. This wasn’t offered a number of years ago. Also, less restrictive and no extra charge if you store other than your own garage, unlike Haggerty who charges extra.
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    I was with State Farm on my Z and thought all was good until I went in for a requested(by them) review of my coverage.
    Come to find out, they only cover the car if it is basically a complete, drive-able car. Mine is undergoing a restoration. Not only that, but their homeowners insurance doesn't cover the parts I have removed unless I get a special rider, like they do for jewelry. They said they are just not setup for the restoration market. Basically, if you can't drive the car..not covered. If you take a part off the car...not covered so be careful.
    I went with Haggerty.
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    Oct 6, 2017
    Finleyville, PA
    You are probably correct about that and I forgot about the stored parts allowance. Haggerty was better on that. My car is complete and drivable therefore I hadn’t run across your situation.

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