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Discussion in 'Body Restoration' started by silver81, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. BonzoHansen

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    My hagerty policy is agreed value
  2. Zstar

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    Mar 23, 2014
    Ocala, Florida
    ^^^^ As is mine. Plus Hagerty is the ONLY company that will cover your car while actively being restored/worked on/painted, or otherwise not running.
  3. flybye70ss

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    Dec 6, 2002
    Allen, TX
    I have Hagerty. Full coverage agreed upon value and i paid $80 extra in the event of a total loss i keep the car. They stated that there is no mileage limit per se, but the car cannot be a daily driver.
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  4. Budz

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    Mar 17, 2002
    Ashburn, Va USA
    Hagerty is 'Agreed Value' also...not sure why you switched. Mine is with Hagerty at 60K Agreed.
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  5. PalmbchZ28

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    Jan 29, 2017
    West Palm Beach Fl
    Hagerty will not exceed 6 figures on agreed upon value. We tried 3 times to negotiate.
  6. BonzoHansen

    BonzoHansen Administrator Lifetime Gold Member

    Not really a typical camaro problem lol
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  7. 70lt1z28

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    Oct 3, 1999
    Beavercreek, Ohio, USA
    Lloyds of London?
  8. ssupercoolss

    ssupercoolss Veteran Member

    Nov 3, 2015
    So, here is my insurance questions for you knowledgeable guys - Do all these policies from Grundy, Haggarty, etc insist you have the car in a garage? i seemed to have failed the 2 above online quotes. I would say, other than driving it to and from work, this is a "daily driver" for me. Weekends i take it to work, sometimes to work on, other times, just cause i like to do burn outs and drive fast. (not to mention starting it up at 5 am to let my neighbors know i will be gone for the day) . Other weekends it goes to the mountains with me in the summer. I do pick up groceries, go to the bank, go to the beer distributor, parts store, etc. From what i have been reading, it seems like all that is frowned upon by "classic car" insurers. The camaro is currently insured by the company that has the balance of my vehicles and homes. Im not really in love with their "agreed value" or whatever they might call it. I sort of look at it like, if this car was to vaporize tomorrow, what would another running and driving, comparable camaro cost me? I do have full coverage on this car, and its pretty cheap, but the agreed value isnt quite as high as i would like.

    How does "agreed value" work? Say you have your car insured through Haggarty, and something really bad happens, and its not your fault. how does agreed value work when its the other persons fault? Are we all just screwed then?
  9. BonzoHansen

    BonzoHansen Administrator Lifetime Gold Member

    Hagerty requires a garage and proof of a daily driver for every driver in the house. This in theory reduces risk and reduced risk equals lower premium. You cant use it for business but i'm not terribly worried about just driving to work once in the while. Its not a daily driver policy.

    Agreed value means upon loss your car is covered up to the agreed value. No games with comparables,etc. if the other driver is at fault they will look to recoup what they paid you from the other party.
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  10. Bamaro

    Bamaro Veteran Member

    Dec 24, 2004
    Jacksonville, Md
    Condon & Skelly. $7/1000 of agreed value

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