Changing paint color- value impact?

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    I have a 74 4 speed Z28 with its numbers matching engine in storage. Currently I am redoing the suspension and different (but stock looking) 383 and plan to enjoy it with its old worn out paint for a year or two. I'm making stealth modifications but nothing reversible considering the pedigree. Then I want to take it down again and paint it. The car is originally paint code 74 med red metallic. Not a color I love nor do I hate.

    Here's my dilemma. I want to paint it myself. Below are 3 cars I did myself and was extremely pleased with the outcome.
    The thing you will notice, is that they are all solid colors, light ones at that. No metallics. The reason for that is with limited space and experience I end up panel painting. I do the body first, getting the jambs with the exterior in one shot (no tape lines). Then I do the doors, shell and skin in one shot and bolt them on. Fenders, hood etc. etc. This also makes keeping over spray off of the restored engine and suspension easier. Its a system that works very well for me.

    But this works great for solid colors where I don't have to worry about the nuances of metallic paint match panel to panel. If I were to stick to paint code 74, I would need to jamb the car first, align all the panels, mask the crap out of it and shoot color on everything assembled. Lastly making sure I handle the gun properly to lay the metallic base coat on even without zebra striping or other issues.

    So I can attempt painting the car med red metallic to match the cowl tag but introduce (in my mind) much more risk that the job will not come out as good as I am used to. Or I can decide to change the color to a solid hue, one digit off 75 med red (non metallic), have high confidence that the finished job will come out great but end up having a color that doesn't perfectly match the tag.

    For a car like this, which is a numbers matching Z28 but still one that is big bumper car outside of the peak muscle era, would a color change have a big impact when/if I go to sell??? I'm sure a different solid color that looks great would be better than the original metallic that has issues.
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    It's all up to what you want to do. Color change isn't a major thing if you, or someone else wants to take it back to original.

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