Changed the oil today

Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by FlaJunkie, Nov 17, 2017.

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    Jun 23, 2004
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    I have a 5 gallon bucket I got from a local car's what a lot of their cleaning chemicals come in. Most of these places throw them away so it's likely they'll just give them away. It has a sealed lid with a pop-up spout...which also has a screw-on cap. This is where I pour my used fluids into after servicing my own. I have the round plastic catch pan to recover the oil when it's drained. O'Reillys and a couple of other local parts stores take used oil, as well as most of the quick lube shops.

    As far as cleanup, these are awesome. They absorb ANY type of petroleum fluid, including fuels...but they don't absorb water.
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    Jun 10, 2007
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    I always get the 5 quart jug. Easier to pour back up.
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    Jun 17, 2006
    Changed my son's oil today as it was 60° Rec. Hi here in the Twin Cities MN. this usually does not happen much in Nov.
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    Call me. I have a 4 post. I can help and I am in north Solerno behind Publix on Stadium parkway. I will pm my info.
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    Great project.

    Before my wonderful wife bought me a 10,000# two post lift, I worked of home made ramps! Put cardboard down as any spilled oil with land on it which save having to clean it up. IF you do get oil on the concrete, take kitty litter, put it on the spill, then grind it in with your shoe. It'll clean right up with a broom.

    Oil: please use synthetic oil in your engine(s)! I have since my first NEW car in 1980! And here's how I'm sold on synthetic oil: I bought a 79 Old Custom Cruiser station wagon that had an EXPLODED diesel motor in it. Replaced it with a 350/325 hp SBC that I rebuild for it. After 1,000 miles (break in period) on mineral oil, I put Mobil 1 full synthetic in it. Changed the filter every 6K miles and the oil & filter every 24K miles. After many winters in New Yuck State and almost 90K miles on the 350, salt ate the olds girl's body up! Pulled the motor and sold it to a guy who put it in a dirt track stock car and ran it a whole season (5+ months). He pulled it out and put it in a street rod. Calls me and asks where I set the hydraulic lifters. I told him 3/4 turn preload. Now after all that running and abuse, the lifters were still at 3/4 turn preload and the compression was 150 psi!

    Used oil: by law, any place that sells motor oil must take 5 gallons a day from an individual. I have a deal with my local garage that uses it to heat his garage = he give me an empty 55 gallon drum, I give him an almost full 55 gallon drum of waste oil!

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