carb. for zz4 350

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  1. avey

    avey Member

    Jul 8, 2001
    i am going to install a GM "zz4" in my 79 camaro. I would like some advise on what size carb to use. I currently have an edelbrock 600cfm w/electric choke. My goal is to have a well rounded and fast street car. I was thinking I need to go with a 750cfm. I am partial to the edelbrock carbs.

    The motor specs are:
    comp. ratio 10:1
    valve lift: Int/Exh. .475"/.510"
    Duration: Int./Exh. .208deg./.221deg.@.050"tappet lift
    1.94"int.&1.50"exh.valves and 58cc combustion chambers.

    I have currently selected Sanderson blochugger headers 1.5" tube size $ 2.5"collector size.

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