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Discussion in 'Detailing Topic' started by Sean 74Z, Aug 24, 2013.

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    May 12, 2013
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    All the shows I have been to around here, the guys carrying clipboards are the judges. As far as how many guys, I have had as many as 10 guys judging and as little as 1 guy. All depends on the show.

    For safety equipment, the shows around here will advertise on their website stating if it is required. I car an extinguisher at all times, so I don't worry about it to much.

    As far as classes, most shows around here do top so many cars get trophies and everyone is grouped together, doesn't matter stock or modified.
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    Some things to do:
    Always have a pen or sharpie in the car.
    Along with you detailing supplies, include an old towel for grass on your tires since you'll be showing up at the the crack of dawn.
    Introduce yourself to the people next to your car.
    I usually bring a fender cover - and i once had to use it.
    That reminds me, bring some basic tools.

    Some things NOT to do (but I have witnessed):
    Put up a pop up canopy or umbrellas on a windy day.
    Spray sun screen near cars.
    Barbecue in between cars.
    Smoke medicinal marijuana or anything else.
    Let you kids touch people's cars.
    Talk crap (outloud) about other people's cars.
    Bring your pets although some are better behaved than children. (it's mostly a leash issue)
    Share your taste in music with your thumping stereo.
    Don't leave your engine running.

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