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    I had a brand new scale installed at work. Certified yesterday. Here are the weights for a dart block BBC Camaro set up like a '70 with aluminum heads and intake, TH 400 transmission and a Dana 60, 10 point cage , 4 wheel disk brakes and 220 lb driver and 4 gallons of gas in the tank. All steel body , interior with no back seat, steel tubs etc. Weights are with me in it as I needed weights for chassis setup. Turns out they were right where I wanted them to be.

    Overall 3630

    Front Axle 2030

    Rear axle 1610

    Front right 1020

    Front left 1050

    Rear left 790

    Rear right 790

    I will note that this weight came as a surprise to me. I had it weighed at a local truck scale previously and it came in at 3500 lbs without driver and have since changed blocks to the Dart Big M which is considerably heavier than a factory 454 block. I expected it to be around 3580 but it came in at around 3410 lbs without driver. The first scale was wrong by a wide margin.
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    dang ill probably be close if not more then that o well just turn the boost up I guess ;)
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