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Discussion in 'Camaro Nationals' started by MadMike, Jun 23, 2014.

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    Nov 27, 2011
    Frederick Maryland
    I live 20 minutes from Frederick and go to a lot of car shows so if someone makes up flyers I would be more than happy to hand them out !
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    Sep 13, 2013
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    I think it is a big job to set up one of these shows and I certainly appreciate the effort it takes.

    Just my own, very humble opinion on this. To me, the show is an opportunity to meet with old friends and meet some new ones (like the NastyZ28 folks I had the pleasure of meeting). I go to see the cars but that takes me maybe an hour. The rest of the time I spend with friends.

    Being someone that travels a full day to get there, I would be happy to have a one day show and to have more time to sight see. This year I went a day early and went to Gettysburg. When I left, I went to Antietam. This were great things to see.

    By the second day, I was stir crazy. Did about 100 laps around the field.

    The NastyZ28 tent was empty the whole first day as clearly they enjoyed each others company in the camp and did not spend the day at the show.

    It is sad the two venues split, but it is what it is. The group I am friendly with goes to the Camaro National and I will continue to drive from NH via Hudson Valley in NY to be there, but I wouldn't mind a one day show.
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    yup.. campers have it goin' on;)

    the people who go to this show do it for the love of the cars and the people who love them.

    not because they get paid to bring cars....
    it's a completely different environment than most of the bigger shows.
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    Sep 13, 2013
    New Boston, NH
    And that's what I love about it! :cheers:
    It's a fantastic community.
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    This is the suggestions section - not excuses.

    Obviously, I need to get the word out better and step it up a little more. Or a lot. In the past, simply showing up to someone else's gig was adequate. Now, it appears I should be more vocal.

    This place reaches 800,000 people a month. And many folks weren't aware of the show. That's a collossal screwup on my part.

    Next years nationals will be sub-themed the Nasty Nationals or something to that effect. All 46,000 of us are invited. The swapmeet section here will be onsite there. Bowtie class - full. Tent, better staffed or the schedule better explained.

    As JB mentioned, a specific flyer for us (nastyz).

    My fear in the past was I didn't want to fragment an existing show, I wanted to compliment it.

    The objective/purpose of the Camaro Nationals is 100% for charity. It is not a commercial venture, although, it needs to be run as one.

    The showfield/venue is secured via a multi-year contract with the date set. So the date and location is firm, until the contract can be renewed.

    Last year, I looked into assisting moving the event to "a roadrace coarse" in the vicinity of frederick, however, I was informed of the multi-year contract, plus the venue in question never got back to me - so that solved that problem.
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    "The objective/purpose of the Camaro Nationals is 100% for charity. It is not a commercial venture, although, it needs to be run as one."

    Mike, I respectfully disagree with this above statement. In my opinion it will take $$$$ to grow the show.

    You have well meaning unpaid volunteers that are:

    1) Trying to compete for most of the same participants and spectators that CARLISLE Productions does at the G.M. Nationals. "C.P." has years of history, infrastructure, swap meet, food vendors, mfg displays and a paid staff that the MCC and the CAMARO Natl's doesn't compete well against on
    the same date.

    2) In order to operate any successful show/event such as Goodguys, Carlisle Shows, Super Chevy, MCACN/Muscle Car Natl's you need to have cash flowing back into your account to fund next years costs. As long as the MCC insists on donating most all (???) the profits to charity this CANT BE DONE !!!

    3) If the CAMARO Nationals mgmt. were to change their thinking and FIRST think about growing and producing a first class "NATIONALS" show.....then
    at some future point in time, there would be significant profits to where there could be a set % given to charity, after next years budget was satisfied.

    4) Not sure what spectators were being charged this year at the C.Natl.
    One recent year I was told they were charging $5.00 per carload (??)
    When I go to Goodguys, Barrett-Jackson, MECUM, and any other enclosed
    fenced "car show" venue I always pay significant real money to enter.

    Mike, I'm not saying that your further involvement and the fact that you control this web site wont help promote the CAMARO Natl's.
    I think its sad that you have how many (??) members with a 1,2,3 hour drive of this show and how many actually attend ( 100, 200 ??)
    However it is a fact that it takes a real dedicated staff (motivated by ??) with a real budget to produce a big time SHOW/EVENT that CAMARO owners will want to attend, mfg companies and swap vendors will want to display and spectators will PAY to be admitted. (I paid $20 to view MECUM auction in Seattle)

    Not asking you to agree, but also want to mention that when Jerry McNeish and Brian Henderson (both 1st gen experts) had their falling out it was real
    bad for the CAMARO Natl's. Brian Henderson and his Super Car Workshop
    followers are now putting on the annual "Solid Lifter Showroom" at each G.M.
    Nationals. This is terrible to have the quality of the "SLS" and all those participants not within
    the CAMARO Natl's but rather at Carlisle.

    And something has to be done about maintaining a CLASSIC Camaro show and to limit ( I didn't say eliminate) the 5th Gen turnout. There needs to be a time and a place for the 5th Gen Camaros to gather in force...........but the "CAMARO Nationals" should (in my opinion) focus on the classic Camaros (not sure where to draw the line)
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    Chuck,in all fairness to the Staff of the MCC,they had this pretty much dumped in their laps after the Carlisle debacle.

    As someone who has attended every Camaro Nationals except for last year due to personal reasons.I applaud the job they have done to keep it going.

    If you have never been involved in an all volunteer organization,you wouldn't understand that you have 200 members,but it's always the same seven people who do all the work.

    Every year it has gotten better and I believe it will continue to do so.With that said,you have to include the 5th gens.There were as many or more than 1st gens and they do have the same amount of enthusiasum as do other generations.Not including them I feel is wrong.

    This year was the 4th attempt at putting on this event and as you said yourself,Carlisle Events has a lot more practice and money to support it.

    So when can we expect your support check?
  10. MrAzzhat2U

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    Jan 31, 2000
    Lewes DE
    Getting back to suggestions.................I think most of the ideas that were tossed out on Sat night had a lot of merit.

    I like the swap meet idea and maybe we(NastyZ) could set up a spot for all the stuff Mike normally sells at the tent.Maybe we could get a bunch of Camaro parts you have laying around that we could donate to the cause.I know I have some stuff I will never use and I'm sure so do other people.

    If the show had a dollar for everyone who has said they would be there over the last 15 years,they wouldn't have to worry about advertising monies.

    To me anyway,the show is as much about the people as it is about the cars.The Nationals is an event that,if you haven't attended more than once,you won't know the feeling you get by being there.It's very family oriented and most of the regular attendees have watched the children grow up from newborns to fine young people(You know who you are).

    So if you want to meet some of the nicest people(I'll exempt myself)you would ever want to meet,start planning now!You don't need to bring your car to enjoy yourself,just ask anyone who has been there!

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