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Discussion in 'Camaro Nationals' started by MadMike, Jun 23, 2014.

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    I feel it would not hurt at least to approach or ask some of the people I listed for a small message or a add to help out at least. It does not hurt to ask. I would not do this either with out permission from the Camaro nationals committee. I do want to commend the committee and thank them for a excellent show this year. I attended and had a great time. I Just wished maybe more people and cars attended the show.
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    I would agree with this.
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    What I recall talking about this past Saturday night, is creating a PDF which members here can download the NastyZ/Camaro Nationals flyer and print out to distribute at local car shows, auto parts stores, etc. I gave an example, my insurance agent is a classic car owner and they sponsor a major car show in the Boston area. Having some flyers available there and even on his desk when clients come in to talk to him in the office is one way to get the word out. I also recall someone Saturday night had some experience and willingness to create a flyer for Nationals.

    We also need to keep in mind digital media is increasing and print media is declining. So some discussion needs to be discussed on how to present this in a digital media format on car boards, and suppliers.

    Another item which was discussed was lowering the price for non commercial vendors to sell parts. Having more vendors and advertising that fact through those vendors and our advertising channels in turn would increase more people coming through the gate.

    Last item and which I thought was a good example of communication needing improvement was hearing from April later in the evening that a local speed shop was willing to do some dyno's Saturday for a discount. They provided a lift for the inspection of the high end cars. Mike mentioned if they had a portable dyno, could they setup at the fairgrounds? If they could not do that, at least advertise the offer of local dyno testing. It would have benefited both the event and the business providing the dyno.
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    Low cost advertising options like Facebook, Hemmings, Car and Truck market sale magazines, flyers in newspapers or stores are all good options.

    Facebook is about 5 -25 bucks a day and is geared towards specific groups, reaching thousands.

    I also wouldn't know the event existed if not a member here.
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    Yes the PDF was my suggestion I am going to have my daughter that does graphics work on it and then we will give to madmike for review
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    We are kind of locked into the weekend after Father's Day as the farigrounds doesn't have all of the space we need available on another weekend.

    The show used to be held in Carlisle in July, then it was changed to Father's Day weekend, then to the weekend after Father's Day weekend. Since they own their property they have a lot more control over changing their date than we do.

    If you think it's easy putting on a show like this, think again about all of the logistics involved and what's needed to make it come together.
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    We have advertised in Camaro Performers and Hemmings. It isn't cheap and I don't know if it really had any effect on attendance.

    We hand out hundreds of flyers for the show. Perhaps we could get some help in that regard from folks on here to get them to places where we don't have a presence to get them there.

    The American Camaro Association and the Maryland Camaro Club don't take one dime from this show. It's held for, by and about the enthusiasts and their families. All of the proceeds go to charity and no one gets paid to bring in the display cars. They do it on their own dime - unlike other places.

    Remember, every dime we take in goes to help kid-affiliated charities. Every dime you give Carlisle goes in their pockets.

    I understand there are things there we don't have but there are things in Frederick that they don't have.
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    I concur with the post suggesting it needs to be a different weekend than Carlisle. If that is just not possible using the Frederick Fairgrounds venue then I would suggest really looking at joining back up with the Carlisle folks or seeking a different venue.

    If you wanted to stay in Maryland the Carroll County agriculture center comes to mind.

    I believe being the same weekend hurts both events. I elected this year to go to Carlisle. Third gen, fourth gen and fifth gen Camaro's were well represented. There were a couple dozen first gens but hardly any second gens, probably less than a dozen.

    There is certainly a group of folks that want to attend both. We met 2 different folks on Friday that were spending Thursday and Friday at Carlisle then going to Frederick on Saturday.

    We met people on Saturday that had been to Frederick on Friday then drove over to Carlisle on Saturday.

    As far as advertising goes, it doesn't cost anything other than time to make use of the internet and all the car forums. As an example, I am also a member of as well as a couple other vehicle forums and did not see any posts announcing the 2014 Camaro Nationals. Did find posts ruing that both Frederick and Carlisle were the same weekend.

    Having worked at putting together weekend events for the Boy Scouts, I have some appreciation for what it takes to setup events like this.

    I don't know the goal of the Maryland Camaro Club, but if it is to grow this event then the date of the event really needs to be looked at along with a better job of spreading the word.

    Next year should really be interesting as Carlisle has already announced they will be honoring 30 years of IROC Camaros with an 80's themed weekend....

    Just my .02
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    I didn't know there was a Camaro Nationals? Where and when is it?

    Facebook is free. Set up a page and run with it.
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    yet here you are in the Camaro Nationals forum.....

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