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    I mean its not just for looks. I have a 78 and i have 4 disc breaks and a sway bar strictly for auto crossing. I mean for daily driving you won't really notice it but when your consistently breaking hard and swinging into the corners then its the way to go. OP sounds like he just wants to do burnouts and go to the local car meet or go get some groceries. Trust me spend less $$ rebuild what you have and save yourself a head ache.
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    What did you end up doing on this deal?

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    Looks like this thread has not been visited for some time, but maybe you guys are still checking it.

    I have a 77 camaro and am in the process of still putting what I can underneath while it on its side. Here is my problem. I am working toward installing 4 wheel disc brakes. I currently have wilwood disc in the rear and stock disc in the front. I am looking for the proper vacuum booster and master cylinder combo.

    1. I could go back to the OEM Booster, but have read the master cylinder and rod are different between rear disc and drum. Thoughts?
    2. I have also read the disc requires a higher volume MC due to the increased rear disc requirements; i.e. larger capacity MC.
    3. Vacuum is also my next challenge. I am running a big cam, so most likely will need an electric pump. Any advice for a reliable but affordable one?

    Thanks all, and hope to hear from you soon.

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