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    Sep 16, 2002
    Just got this from a friend.

    "I looked this up on snopes.com heres the link for more information... http://www.snopes.com/politics/gasoline/citgo.asp

    Subject: Citgo

    Cindy & Chavez

    Venezuela Dictator Hugo Chavez has vowed to bring down the U.S. government. Chavez, president of Venezuela, told a TV audience: "Enough of imperialist aggression; we must tell the world: down with the U.S. empire. We have to bury imperialism this century."

    The guest on his television program, beamed across Venezuela, was Cindy Sheehan, the antiwar activist. Chavez recently had as his guest Harry Belafonte, who called President Bush "the greatest terrorist in the world."

    Chavez is pushing a socialist revolution and has a close alliance with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

    Regardless of your feelings about the war in Iraq, the issue here is that we have a socialist dictator vowing to bring down the government of the U.S. And he is using our money to achieve his goal!

    The Venezuela government, run by dictator Chavez, is the sole owner of Citgo gas company. Sales of products at Citgo stations send money back to Chavez to help him in his vow to bring down our government.

    Please decide that you will not be shopping at a Citgo station. Why should U.S. citizens who love freedom be financing a dictator who has vowed to take down our government?


    About CITGO (from their website):

    "It's amazing the difference petroleum-based products make in our everyday lives. Based in Houston, Texas, CITGO is a refiner and marketer of transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals, refined waxes, asphalt and other industrial products. In addition to these products, there's probably a CITGO in your neighborhood, a convenient place to fill up with gas and grab a quick snack.

    The company is owned by PDV America, Inc., an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of PetrĂ³leos de Venezuela, S.A., the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela."
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    Oct 22, 2004
    Oh my ;)

    Where to begin?

    First; the thought of Chavez and Venezuela bringing down the US is laughable. Exactly how are they going to accomplish that? Did you try to think this through before getting all riled up?

    Second; the "dictator" you describe is the duly elected President of Venezuela, with the clear majority of the people behind him and his programs. The only people NOT behind him are the rich, monied elite, who are quite fond of having a puppet as head of state. It has driven them completely bonkers to the point of participating in a CIA, School of the Americas funded and organized coup attempt. These are things done in your name, by your country. Any wonder we have enemies around the world?
    The coup didn't go quite as planned, and with the help of the citizens and most of the military, except the upper echelon, he was released from house arrest and restored to his elected position.

    Third; Who are we to tell any soverign nation how to run their internal affairs and what form of government they should choose? Socialist, communist China doesn't seem to bother us.
    I thought we were fighting a war in Iraq for the express purpose of allowing citizens the right to choose, free from oppression, both internal and external. Or is it only when they choose the kind of government we, and our capitalist masters, prefer?

    Whose interests are served by the attitude that you are trying to spread? Does it benefit the people of America or Venezuela, or does it serve the interests of capital, which would like to crush like a bug, ANY example of an alternate way.

    How about we clean our own friggin house of liars, cheats, swindlers, crony capitalist, and dictator wannabes before we waste another brain cell worrying about everybody else?

    Chavez isn't the next best thing to sliced bread, and there are skeletons in his closet. But lets let the folks in Venezuela sort this one out.
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    Sep 13, 2002
    Who F'n cares about some stupid internet chain letter? Get a life.
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    Personally I am boycotting all name brand gas companies (exxon, BP, Chevron, etc.) and just buying from the wholesale clubs. Im sure that is the same gas but I still think that if everyone done it something could come from it.
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    Feb 28, 2006
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    This guy sounds like a nut, he thinks his crappy Venezuelan country can bring us down. I do not think so. He is stupid, Cindy is stupid, gas prices are stupid. I never gone to a Citgo so I do not have to worry about that. Plenty of countries want the U.S to fall, but it will not happen because of them. We will deteriorate from the inside out.
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    Apr 9, 2001
    Regardless if he CAN do it or not, they shouldn't be making open claims like this.
    It's bad enough as it is with our economy at the feet of China and India who together can crash it at anytime IMHO.

    There are no Citgo's I use, but I will pass it on. I don't there's many at all in our area.
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    Sep 16, 2002
    :eek: It has a truth to it, or I wouldn't of posted it, thanks for your input though.
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    I'm sure that her son, wherever he may be, is real proud of his mom.

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