Blue smoke at high RPMs

Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by Scaleytail, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Jun 12, 2016
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    Am I to assume my oil rings are going ? New Edelbrock RPM heads. Power is excellent but when I get on it and rev to 6k I am fogging blue. At idle a-mid acceleration no smoke, but when I give full throttle and let it stretch its legs--blue cloud. The motor did the same with the old 882 heads. It's winter cold and she is down for a couple of months. Just trying to wrap my head around a new short block. PVC is good and I have a breather which get oil mist on the Valve covers with either heads. The block ends on 010 and might be original.
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    Not an engine expert, but when ever my junk was pumping out blue, it was always oil!!!!
    Guides or rings is where I start since I don;t have any of the other stuff it could be.

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    Last post covered it. With 2 different sets of heads and same symptoms, only place left is the short block. Then prepare for a case of the might-as-wells. If its apart, might as well update the cam. New cam needs more compression, so new pistons. And new pistons mean might as well upgrade rods.... It snowballs fast.
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    So true!!
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    Key sentience. PCV's are not designed to use in conjunction with valve cover breathers. It basically takes all of the Positive Crankcase pressure and bleeds it out of the breather.

    Run a PCV in each valvecover with no breathers; I bet it solves your problem
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    If a ring or rings are weak, you might need a puke tank to keep the oil from getting in the charge??
    I never tried the dual pcv deal, not sure how much that helps??
    If the breather is wet, you are pressurizing the crank case under load.

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    Be careful. Oil causes detonation and GREATLY lowers the octane rating of our fuel. Get the engine good and hot... pull a breather and rev it with your hand lightly over the hole in the valve cover. Does it try to push your hand up? If so, you have too much blow-by from weak/broken rings. Do a leak down test next.
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    +1. Solves the exact same problem for me. I am running hollow ones and a catch can.
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    I forgot to mention do the leak down hot.
    As long as the motor not broke, I always do it hot.
    Obviously a hole in the piston doesn't matter hot or cold, but for your symptom, hot will be more accurate.


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