BEST OIL and FILTER for newly re-built 350, 350hp.

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    If I remember correctly, the last engine I tore down and rebuilt, used a quart of oil the first 50 miles and then not a drop after that. I changed the oil at 500 miles and then every 3000 after that for about 25,000 miles. When I peeled the oil filter after the first three oil changes. Some particles the first time and nothing but just slightly dirty oil after that.
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    Wix or Baldwin filters
  4. Bandit723

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    +1 on the Wix filters
  5. 70 SS/L78

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    You can't really go wrong with a Wix, Napa 'Gold', Baldwin or Amsoil filter. Get the best quality filter they offer.
    As for oil, there are many good quality oils out there. If it's a flat Tappet cam get a good synthetic that has a HI Zinc content. Joe Gibbs Racing offers several hi quality oils, thou usually hard to find locally but can get online no problem.
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    the best write with scientific evidence to back it up is here.

    there is a lot of myth about zinc and other oil additives. the author goes in to detail about the film protection strength being more important that High pressure lubricants (ZDDP) in motor oils, and then compares different oils and additive to the same oil after adding the zinc additive to find out the film strength has actually decreased dramatically after adding it. I used to believe the myths about lack of zinc, but this has really opened my mind. the reality is you need a good breaking lube for flat tappets, but after break in, a good synthetic with a high film strength is all you need. some cam manufactures, actually recommend 1600 ppm of ZDDP for their flat tappet cams. the truth is that no motor oil, that is commercially available at the local auto parts store, that has more than 1000 PPM ZDDP. even AMSOIL Z-Rod and Brad Pen are only around 1300 PPM. there are some specialty brands like Lucas "Hot Rod & Classic HI-Performance" has 2100 PPM, but its not available at most auto parts stores, Comp Cams has one that is 1400 PPM. If you still believe in the ZDDP thing after reading the article above, then I would run the Lucas Hot Rod and Classic for the high amounts of ZDDP, molybdenum, and Phosphorus. it is not recommended for use in cars with catalytic converters. it is the only one I know of that meets the old SJ & SL oil specifications that were in use form back before the switch to roller cams.
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    Lucas has a specific BREAK IN OIL and then use Lucas
    20-50W Classic Car Oil
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    If you don't put many miles on the car and change oil every 3 months or 3,000 mi then synthetic is a waste of $.

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