Best damn auto lift for the money

Discussion in 'Garages, Workshops & Tools' started by Goodwrench1965, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Thanks for the encouragement...and I'm happy to hear a good story about setting goals and reaching them. First things first...update my kitchen and get this house sold so I can move somewhere with enough space for a garage addition. Just filed an amended return and found out I'll get enough to do it comfortably and put some aside.
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    Yes I love seeing stuff like that. I especially like the petite woman in the middle of it all probably weighs 90 pounds soaking wet! She probably could not open a bottle of POP! But hey there she go's lifting with a little help. man that guy must be hurt bad. If he lives he better get a Camaro and give up that damn crotch rocket!
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    My shovelhead Harley is sitting in the shop because at every stoplight 4 out of 5 drivers are on their phones.

    Doesn't take much of an accident to get real serious on a bike.
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    Not sure if this thread is still active, but this looks like a pretty good lift:

    I really like the hydraulic balance system. It can easily be routed into the attic space above a finished ceiling. They say you can even use braided hose for the hydraulics.
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    That Mohawk one does look pretty good. I'm going to be thinking about getting a lift a bit later so I can store my MG and Camaro inside and still have a work space.
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    Not sure if you saw it earlier in this thread, but I love my 4 post Direct lift (The earlier post was before I finished the garage and sold my 84 Corvette and bought the 2015 Corvette).
    It is nice to be able to use it to work on the cars and just as great to be able to store two cars in one bay.

    It has been awesome!

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    ummm, nice vader 'vette.
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