BBC 502, 14 degrees of initial timing

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    Oct 2, 2007
    74967_108376572560959_102362503162366_58415_1727438_n.jpg Woody%20naked.jpg My 502 came with 14 degrees of initial on spec sheet....Mine is from early 90's
    Bought from dealer.

    ...Was a update made on later builds, as I has seen 9 degrees of initial spec on other spec sheets. ......

    All parts were used as Delivered to the dealer.

    I'll try to find the parts list as supplied with, the motor in the crate. Keep all paper work.

    Magnesium covers that were made when, Warren Johnson was running Nhra Olds

    74967_108376572560959_102362503162366_58415_1727438_n.jpg Woody%20naked.jpg I Machined adapter plates.
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    Cool valve covers, I was a huge WJ fan for years. Also noticed the old school gold Moroso air cleaner lid, not something you see commonly anymore. I have one as well packed up somewhere in my shed.

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