Auctions America: Daytona Yellow 1970 Z28

Discussion in 'Auctions and Online Sales' started by Cooldawg, Sep 6, 2017.

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    Oct 3, 1999
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    Agreed. I've got nothing against driver quality Z, especially if the original engine is long gone etc. Its the ones thrown together where things a faked and mis-represented and then with a high price tag. But its all up to the buyer to do the research I suppose. It takes time to learn the car and to many folks this may not be important. Its the guy who has a dream of a car and is of modest means and gets duped by a con artist that bothers me a bit. Let me say that the sellers of this car when I saw it, Mershon's, by no means tried to mis-represent this car to me. They let me look it over and even put it up on a lift to let me inspect it underneath. They agreed with my findings but felt they were asking an honest price for it. So be it. Eventually it loks like they took it to auction and it sold for close to what they were asking, so I guess that is the true value.

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