Assorted Engine Topic Stickies in Here. VORTEC/QJets/etc Look here before searching

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    Assorted Engine Topic Stickies. QJets/Vacuum Advance/Cam break in/Rocker geometry/Etc

    Recommend Camshaft break in procedures

    Ported or Manifold Vacuum for Vacuum Advance?

    more from doechsle engine room, rocker geometry my way

    Q-Jet resources from 'The Master' : Lars G.

    Disaster preparedness... Glass fuel filters, foam filters, etc.

    Electric fuel pump mounting

    Anti-sieze Header Coating

    Copo's Holley rebuilding

    Dynamic Compression Explained

    Engine Mounts - See post #2

    Q-Jets step up spring test by 455 Formula

    Vortec intake gaskets

    Conversion to Fuel Injection - Video (UnseenZ28 aka "Klown's Garage")

    Mechanical to Electric Fan - Video (UnseenZ28 aka "Klown's Garage")

    This will be edited to include important engine-related stickies as time goes on and ideas are passed around.
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