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  1. Cyruso

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    Dec 19, 2012
    How strong is a 70amp arc (stick) welder? Do you think i can weld on these subframe connectors? Im a good welder i just need to know if the weld would hold or is this welder to weak. Also i just finished welding a roll cage with the welder to. welds are nice but is this cage going to fall apart? im not racing or anything but should i remove the cage and weld it with a more powerful welder? thanks guys im not the welding master.
  2. stevenp3762

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    Feb 7, 2013
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    if you went slow and got good penetration your cage will hold as will the subframe connectors. you welded it, you should know and have seen how good the penetration was..........if it looked right/good doing it you should be fine. a stick might be too much for the floor pans if you have to weld portions of the connectors to the floor.........might blow holes in the floorboards.
  3. night rider

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    70 amp welder is NOT hot enough for full penetration on roll bar/cage tube. Also NHRA along with many others do not allow cages to be stick welded, must be mig or tig welded.

    On the cage I would say bare min would be 125 amp. I used a 140 amp mig to weld mine in with.

    Now on the sub frame connectors I think the 70 amp stick would be ok, not the best but ok
  4. sickfast1964

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    Aug 26, 2012
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