Any 70/71/72 Z28 owners? Engine date/stamp and cowl tag info needed.

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    Ok, I get that..
    Thanks a bunch!
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    To add even a bit more to the number confusion, could there have been a P1K27A built on July 27 of 1971 for a very late July/Early August 1971 model Camaro? Not sure when the exact cutoff for 1971's were but it was close to this time.
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    There was a build out on the line where the old model year car was built out . Either a huge gap in the line or completely empty it . This was summer shut down time . This is when all old stock was salavaged or shipped to distribution centers . Some parts were reused for sure but I remember the place was like a ghost town as far as parts bins which were normally stacked to the ceiling everywhere. Date stamped parts that were stamped at the assembly plant were stamped right before install so the build out had already happened and you were in the next year production . The perception is it was not well organized. These assembly plants had been at it for a while and wasn’t just some fort in the woods . I worked in the body shop which was the first to build out . It was weird to see an empty line for as far as you can see . Shutdown length depended on sales , which were usually bad for the model being built out as by then you wanted the new year model . Usually about 2 weeks .
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