"ANOTHER" mass murder :(

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    Not sure if this is what he quoted but google says: http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/PE/htm/PE.46.htm
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    Oct 6, 2011
    Here in mi you can carry in a church with permission from the "church".
    Thoughts and prayers to Texas.
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    The shooting sprees are out of hand.RIP. I find it hard to watch news and tv in general. It's a bloodbath of creep shows and the news is the same. There's hardly anything to watch on the 1000 channels of crap on. I ben watching flip or flop lately,Christina's a hottie ,flipping Vegas with Aubrey ain't bad either.
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    Unfortunately, these shootings are not new. It's just the advent of Facebook and a 24 hour news cycle that makes it seem like these are a recent development.

    The latest I've heard on the news is a passing civilian engaged the gunman as he was leaving the church. Another passing motorist joined in. Whether they killed the gunman and he killed himself is still unknown.

    There is a bill in Indiana that will remove a permit requirement to carry a firearm concealed or open. I hpe it doesn't pass. The permitting process isn't that hard and I prefer to think someone with a concealed weapon and a permit has had someone look at them. As for open carry, I won't do it. Open carry makes someone a target for a criminal. Everybody carrying concealed and he won't know if anybody is armed or not. I like that extra deterrent.
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    Didnt you see what just happened? In Texas its illegal to carry in a church so only the law abiding citizens where left defenseless....and now dead. You want more laws that limit law abiding citizens?
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    We have two men walking the parking lot during service, I also think electric locks on the front door would help. The sound guy could watch a monitor to let late comers in.
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    what not really funny is , when the guy up here in NY drove through those people last month , not one word was said on this web site .
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    I have never carried to church. Don't know if it's legal or not but I think that's about to change. I'm not even going to ask.
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    Who da know da better. ^
    I believe Manhattan is a pistol free zone. Again. City of Chicago and wash DC.
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    My understanding is that in Texas open carry is illegal in church, but concealed carry (let's face it the only way a civilian should be carrying 99% of the time) is legal.

    Now, individual organizations can make whatever rules they want, so it's entirely possible that churches ask their patrons not the CCW on site. It's up to the individual to comply and the church to enforce.
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