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  1. If you have a license plate mounted on the front of your car, where and how is it mounted? Ohio requires a front license plate. I assume the original plate bracket mounted to the original bumper and underneath the grill? My car has 2 mounting holes under the grill, but without the bumper I don't think it will work or look right. Any help and maybe pics would be great.

    To all you "fake RS" haters....

    No, I'm not gonna put on the full bumper to mount the plate. I'll continue to run without one before I do that.
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    Heard something in the news last month that Ohio is planning on doing away with this silly dual license plate law. The state claims its costing them too much $$$ to make a matching set of plates. Think the proposal is going before the State Senate soon. Might want to wait and see what happens. I see several Corvettes and other cars and trucks driving on the roads without front plates already.

    '80 Berlinetta
  3. That's good news. I'm currently running without the front plate and get nervous everytime I see a cop.
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    hey I would bet with any luck you could explain yourself out of a ticket by telling the cop that when the car came with the front spoiler option that it leaves no place for the plate. your car looks so good they probably will not bother you anyway. good luck.
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    Ah yes, I remember that car now. I wouldn't put a plate on the front of that thing, until I got fined. But that is just me.
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    I fabbed a simple bracket that mounts on the bottom of the bumperette. Mine is a "real" RS (well, since I got the car as a roller I don't really know what it was, but I did put on the "big" RS stuff, so my ballz are 90% bust proof).

    I welded some nuts on the inside of the bumperette so I can quickly remove the bracket which consists of two strips of aluminum bent at a 90 degree angle. I drilled three holes in each aluminum piece: two for the license plate itself and one to bolt to the bottom of the bumperette.

    Look carefully at this pic:

    You will see there is no plate frame visible from the front, just plate. It is actually not crooked in real life....must be the angle of the pic....LOL.

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  7. You remember my car, or am I missing something?
  8. MikeM79...

    I can't put a plate where yours is because it'll cover the standard turn signal.

    I'm gonna order one of the original brackets, but if it doesn't look good I'll continue to run without it.
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    Duh. Sorry.

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