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    RS and Standard use the same rad support . I measured the latch bolts different than Bill . I used a square off the centre bolt and got the 2 1/2 both ways. I also indexed the forward bolts on the fender and hood latch for accuracy and got 24 15/16 both DS & PS . 1970 latch, NOS support .
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    Placed the hood on the fender jams and the hood-fender gap is uniform on both sides.

    WELL................ both latch holes are exactly 1/4" outward of the rad support holes. (Which is the difference between the 4 1/2" span of the two support holes and the 5" span of the hood latch holes)

    Solution, elongate inward each latch hole. The flange bolt should cover any gap on the outer edge. If some gap does so, no big deal.

    Interesting the differences in the various posts to this thread

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