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Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by 1946cessna, Mar 19, 2011.

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    The door panels of that in the picture are Type LT specific. I think that style of door panel was the nicest ever offered by Camaro. My opinion.
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    May 3, 2002
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    great looking car
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    YES !! YOU SHOULD !!:crazy:

    PS.....that is an awesome car.....there are 74's in great shape , they are just stashed away. I wonder what happen to the BROWN 900 mile Z28 the guy posted a while back.
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    Oct 10, 2009
    Man, what a car and an even better story!!!

    Enjoy a true muscle car survivor!!!!!
  5. david.rosol

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    Dang... why am I drooling....... this is one sweet ride!!!

    My 75 LT also had those exact colored door panels... They actually have pockets as well just under the cloth insert... made as part of the door panel and same material and are Type LT specific. My 77RS has the lower plastic panel across the bottom which is the standard door panels. I think it was 79 or 80 when they went to the single piece vinyl door panels with no pockets - but I could be wrong... just going off memory here. I don't think the specific Type LT panels are reproduced yet.
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    Awesome car................simply awesome!!! I love the Z28 badges without the stripes :bowtie:

    That baby is Clean!!!
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    Apr 2, 2010
    All I can say is WOW. I would definately keep this car 1. Because of the condition and most importantly 2. It was your fathers car and what a beauty to keep in the family.
  8. Adams

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    Great car! And survivors are really up in popularity and price (although price should mean nothing, there is no way you should ever part with this one).
  9. 1946cessna

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    Mar 17, 2011
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    Well, I've been bit by the Camaro fever so I think I'll hold onto this one. The more I go through it the more fun it is. I found a drug prescription reciept from June, 1974 tucked between the upper and lower rear seat,,,jammed my fingers in there to see what jun k might be hidden. Also, there was several 1970 era AC Delco and STP catalogs in the trunk. Also found a couple old coins in the glove box. For whatever reason my Dad left a brand new Sears Garage door opener (In the box) on the passenger floor and so on...and so on. It's like a treasure hunt. Seeing all the stock installed pieces is fasinating. Clamps, tie straps, star washers, wire connectors etc all from the day.

    The plan is to start documenting the car in a photo-journal because I will need to do some work to get it running. I plan to keep the Wire routing, hardware configuration etc exactly the way it is but I've got to get between things so I'll need to disassemble to get access to the various items on the engine.

    On a car like this, what is permissable as far as cleaning things up? Is it better to have a little oil here and there and missing paint on the engine block? I'm thinking I'll just dissasemble to the extent needed to clean things up and make sure everything is flushed, lubed and good to run and then leave the rest alone. Any big DONT DOOS from the group?

    Thanks for all the great comments. Since I opened the photobucket albums, I'll compile the pictures there and create separate albums for Engine/Exterior/Interior etc. That way, if anyone wants to reference they can.

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