A/C for 70 camaro

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    Jun 11, 2015
    Lincoln NE.
    I bought a 70 base camaro last fall, got a pretty good deal on it. My problem is that when I started to work on the heater-A/C I notice the previous owner had pretty much gutted it. There was no duct work tubes for the A/C , all the vacuum lines were disconnected or cut the heater hoses were disconnected so I figured the heater core was bad and it was. So I changed the heater core found a vacuum line cluster for a 70 camaro and proceeded to hook it up but found out on the heater box the vacuum actuator for the defroster door only has one inlet/outlet and the diagram I have shows two lines going to it. Any suggestions on how to proceed, do I cap one line if so which one? I would appreciate anyone's help on this as I'm scratching my head on this one.Thanks for your help
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