79 street/strip/corner carver

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    79 street/strip/corner carver - Update: Primer!

    Autocross funtime and new updates going on starting on page 22...


    A lot of the pics no longer work in here, so here's the general idea:

    Start here

    Move to here

    Then here

    Stop off here

    Do a happy dance here

    Spend a few years doing this

    And now we're here!


    Original post

    The beginning..

    This is mine and my dad's second ground up rebuild project. What started as a simple plan to build a quick Camaro to play with engine combos in has spiraled wildly out of control into what you see in the following pictures. Here's a few specs and pics, you can find a ton more at http://www.acmeautopartsonline.com/camaro/

    Solid aluminum bushings
    Weld in Competition Engineering SFCs
    12 Point Cage - 1 3/4" ERW
    Engine Set Back ~1 Inch/Moroso Solid Mounts
    Rear Frame Rails Welded to Body
    2" Square Tubing Transmission Crossmember
    Fabricated Sheet Metal Wheel Tubs

    Rear Suspension
    Stock Car Products Nascar Style Truck Trailing Arms
    Mono Ball Bushings, Custom Coilover Mounts
    QA1 12-way Adjustable Coilovers
    Fabricated Panhard Bar/Shock Crossmember and Mounts
    Possibly a Fabricated sway bar (if needed)

    Front Suspension
    SPC Adjustable UCAs - Rod End Mounts
    UCA Mounts Reworked
    Reinforced Stock Lower Arms
    QA1 Bolt-In Adjustable Coilovers
    Hotchkis Sway Bar

    Harwood 3" Fiberglass Hood
    All trim and emblems removed/filled
    Clear Plexiglass Headlight/Blinker Covers
    Cragar Soft 8 - 17x8 / 4 1/2" BS front, 17x9 / 5" BS rear
    Sumitomo HTR Z - 245/45 front, 275/40 rear

    377 (destroked 400)
    Scat Lightweight Crank
    Renegade CNC Ported heads
    Mahle lightweight pistons
    H-Beam Rods
    Just over 11:1
    Comp Solid Roller
    Steel Roller Rockers w/ Stud Girdles
    Professional Products Hurricane Intake
    Holley or Proform 850
    Dr. Gas Oval Exhaust Tubing/X-Pipe/SpinTechs

    Tremec TKO600
    Lakewood Bellhousing
    Fidanza 13 lb. Aluminum Flywheel
    SPEC Clutch
    9 Inch Ford rear
    Nodular case/Spool/4.11

    Sheet Metal Dash/Auto Meter Ultra Lites
    Fabricated Shifter w/ Hurst Knob
    Factory Plastics in the back
    Thin Carpet On Floor
    Headliner of Some Sort









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    I've been following your build for a long time...you have an awsome ride. I can't wait to see the finished product and have someone take a pic of the permanent grin that will be on your face the first time you take that thing through a series of hard turns...will ya?
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    Can't wait to see this finished, sweet!
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    Oooohhhh Aaahhhhhh!!! I like it!!!! You are taking the path I would have taken if I had the $$$.

    Keep the pics coming.
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    that car is going to b sweet when it's done
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    WOW!!!! that looks sweet! Work of art!!
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