'79 painted and back home for a while.

Discussion in 'Project Progress' started by seventy7camaro, Sep 14, 2017.

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    We picked up our '79 this morning from the shop. The same guy painted our '77s and didn't let us down with this one either. While we've got it home I'm going to put the inner fenders on, the rear bumper and cover, the completed subframe and the rear end & drive shaft. I'll be putting the heat and a/c equipment back in and all of the under-dash wiring. Once I'm finished with that, I'll take it back for him to install the front bumper cover, the hood & fenders and put on the stripes. He'll also be putting the windshield and back glass in. Because the interior is light blue, I'll put all of that in when I bring it home for the final time. I'm sure that even during normal conditions the blue will be hard enough to keep clean... much harder in a working shop. For now, the interior is resting in one of our spare rooms. DSC00378.JPG DSC00381.JPG DSC00382.JPG DSC00093.JPG DSC00095.JPG DSC00168.JPG DSC00260.JPG DSC00316.JPG We're getting there but we are not in a hurry to take it anywhere yet.
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    Very nice .....and if your wife let's you keep car parts in your spare room for 3 years she's a keeper !!!
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    Crisp white. Is it a plain white or did you float some pearl it the clear? My 78 was White.
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    Nothing fancy... It's just plain 1979, code 11 white.

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