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    I'm nearing the end of the restoration on my white, with light blue interior and light/dark blue striped '79 Z28. I'm at the point where my turbine wheels need to be done. At some time during the car's life, the wheels were painted black between the vanes. From what I've read and seen in online pictures I'm pretty sure that the wheels are supposed to be painted silver between the vanes. I have seen them black and that looks good too but I want them to be "as born with". My question is, What color silver is used for this? I'm asking for a code or a name. I'm inclined to think it's the same color as the rally wheels, Argent Silver, but I haven't found anything that says so for a fact. I'd like some pictures of your cars with the silver painted wheels for reference. Here's a picture of one of my wheels so you can see what I'm referring to. Thanks
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    From a sales brochure on this site:


    This is a Berlinetta (so it has 14" wheels) but the pic looks as though the areas between the vanes are black.

    Sorry.. I thought your car was blue. (from the pic)
    I see you're painting it white.

    I really don't know in that situation.
    The 80-81 cars had a definite color for the wheel depending upon the color of the car and stripes.
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    I may be wrong, but my factory showroom poster shows them as a light gold and I remember them that way. Actually I remember having a guy with a 79 Z the same color and stripes as mine want to trade his turbine rims for my factory white painted rims.
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    I still have mine & they are painted gold but the ome body color was gold also.
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    I realize they came in different colors, but I saw somewhere that it was determined by the color of the car.
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    These all have gold wheels....


    These have black...



    There was one you tube video with silver wheels.....

    These guys might be able to five you the paint code for silver.....


    Then there is always this option....

    Looks like you have your choice as they came with all three colors...
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    Basically, the color of the wheels was determined by the interior color of the car, not the exterior. If your exterior color was white, and your interior color was blue, then the wheels were painted silver between the spokes. In fact, the only other wheel color was black if your interior was black. The other interior color schemes ( green, yellow, red ) had another color between the wheel spokes.

    The silver color code for the wheels was 14P, Textured Bright Silver, paint code was WA 8150.

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    Yeah, I found it just now too. I knew I had the info somewhere. Page 6 in the body section shows me the wheel color for Textured Bright Silver which is WA 8150 and page 19, with the Camaro Z28 Striping info, shows me that if my car is code 11, white, with a blue interior, then I have Silver painted wheels. Thanks John.
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    seventy7camaro, are you restoring them yourself? I'm curious because I'm in the same boat.

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