74 Camaro parts numbers

Discussion in '1974 Specific' started by 74BIBELOT, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. 74BIBELOT

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    01830AFE-3883-4CB1-8658-C0C36332E8AF.png 0D59AD75-C3E8-4C19-8E61-A651DE93EA1F.png 28B89AD6-B527-4EB6-A990-9E59AFBABAAE.png 9D83F75F-D6CD-4A07-9AC5-9F86D9CB9096.png B1C726CE-0593-40A4-84C7-01BC7C445942.png 1.- 74 original blue VIN door DECAL. 02/74—FRT 2304
    REAR 2306.
    2.-Pic of an original upper grill-looking for part number?
    3.-Two groove PS pulley with AC # 3941107 DE
    4.-My 74 since 1981-(36 years)
  2. 74Z28GC3

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    Sep 1, 2000
    North Pole, Alaska
    The upper original grille part number is 341001 and the lower grille is 341003. They are very hard grilles to locate with those part numbers.
  3. 74BIBELOT

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    Thank you sir!
    Now the question: Where can I find an original new/good used grill? ... and how much?
  4. 74BIBELOT

    74BIBELOT Veteran Member

    DBC48DE1-72AC-4CC6-AD78-8BFE2EE94A60.png F047406A-603A-4E0B-B463-2DFECF4BA084.png 2C689812-0EA6-4937-9EFF-3F7C9B7271CC.png Got this blue jack and some radiator and gas caps at the swap meet.
    Total $ 12:00
    Now I have two jacks, which one is correct for my 74?
    One is black and the other is blue.
  5. CamaroNmotion

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    Jan 8, 2006
    Buffalo, NY
    Sure jack is black. Correct rad cap doesn't have the ears.

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