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Discussion in '1974 Specific' started by 74BIBELOT, Jul 6, 2017.

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    Jan 8, 2006
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    Your starter has been painted over. Correct starter should be black with number 1108418.
  2. CamaroNmotion

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    Jan 8, 2006
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    Not sure if these recent found numbers have ever been discussed in the past. Found a set of numbers on my 74 Type LT Z28 original owner 02B build. First photo is front bumper numbers found on underside at center A1842 which could be Jan 18, 1974 2nd shift?? Second photo is rear bumper numbers found on left side M1732...can't decode this one, any suggestions?? These 2 bumpers are the original ones that came on the car from the factory. I have a spare set of front and rear bumpers off another 74 Camaro and numbers were found on both as well at same locations. front bumper is G195, rear F1831.

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    [​IMG] Here's a new one
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    IMG_6841.JPG The last of the "good ones":
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    IMG_6871.JPG IMG_6872.JPG IMG_6877.JPG IMG_6878.JPG IMG_6880.JPG Found these pistons, not sure if " correct" for my L-82 build?
    Also found these old cars...to much walking ...lately, lol!
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    IMG_6899.JPG IMG_6900.JPG Not able to check my 74 Camaro bumpers numbers, but I have a spare front bumper from a 75 Camaro and found those numbers:
    G0842=July 8, 1974 2 shift?
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    Not sure is somebody needs this relay... IMG_6919.PNG
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    IMG_5098.jpg IMG_5099.jpg IMG_5100.jpg IMG_5101.jpg To replace lost pics from old posts, here are some from my 74 -02B -TH350-AC car
    Front coil springs tags:
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    Those would NOT be correct for a 74. Those have some dome on them and look like the TRW 2304's that were in the 70 LT-1's. Yours would be flat tops with a single trough valve relief in an L-82. The replacements almost always had 4 valve reliefs like a TRW 2256.

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    IMG_7206.JPG IMG_7059.JPG IMG_7062.JPG IMG_7064.JPG IMG_7065.JPG IMG_7067.JPG IMG_7069.JPG You're right, those pistons are for an LT-1 engine.
    I have two engines:
    One is the original one from my 74 Camaro 350/4bbl.
    The other engine is a 1970 350/186 heads , thinking to build an LT-1 using those pistons.
    Found more pistons, and this cast iron intake:
    Thanks for the info!

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