73 Camaro for sell Ebay

Discussion in 'Camaros for Sale' started by PalmbchZ28, Jan 15, 2018.

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    Apr 23, 2010
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    I Respect and understand the contention that the first Camaro on eBay the rough one I mean is not the ideal candidate for restoration 2 the type of car in the second add. The first one however like I said is a kick-ass potential Street strip car. That is if the big block and transmission and rear end are in good condition. It really just depends on if you want a classic Kick-Ass street strip car or a go pick up your girlfriend and kick back at the car show drinking beer and looking at your shiny car with AC one. It just depends. But if you want a classic Street brawler with a big block & manual transmission for 10 Grands a good deal. 1 and 1000 people got 10 grand to spend. One in a million got 50 Grand to spend like on that second car. Almost nobody is going to go beat the hell out of that thing at the track once you spend 50 Grand on it. The beater is debatably more fun for less money. Shot coat primer, a nitrous kit and some guts is all first car needs!
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    Z28 B is beautiful, but it isn't going to bring 50 bills without docs and numbers matching engine.
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    If some Person buys that, Then they will be on you tube doing the cars and coffee burnout and crash it in the crowd. Just an opinion.

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