71 Trunk Pan / Rear Inner Valence Panel / Lower Quarter Panel - Question

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    May 26, 2011
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    Hey guys, I have posted a question in my Project Progress Thread, but have not yet received any replies. Hopefully this is the correct section to post my question.

    I am having difficulty understanding the alignment and what all parts are needed when I go about replacing my trunk pan. From what I can gather, the rear inner valence panel looks to be spot welded to the trunk pan, and on each side of the valence panel is an extension (Classic Industries part numbers K44510 and K44511).

    My question for this forum is this: Is there another piece of sheet metal that goes in between the trunk pan, the valence panel extensions and the lower quarter panel?

    I keep getting hung up on the fact that there looks to be mounting holes just above the extensions on each side, and they appear to be a separate piece of metal than my trunk pan. I have not started cutting out any of these sections as I am awaiting the arrival of my replacement trunk pan.
    The passenger side:
    The driver side:
    Crossrail Driver 1.JPG

    Any guidance or recommendations is greatly appreciated.

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