71 RS - abandoned 23 years

Discussion in 'Project Progress' started by Chuck71RS, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Jul 20, 2014
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    Your car is definitely a work of art.
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    Coming together Chuck. Lookin good. Glad you are sticking to it and getting things done. Let us know how the test ride goes.
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    Nov 24, 2012
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    Door speaker mount rebuilt: Was assembled with Loctite super glue but not not very solid and sides would separate. Strengthened with right angle supports.

    Changed color black to the door panel: Blends in better

    Modified upper door panel: Flat edge at the bottom no longer flush against
    the door. Added a screw at the front, back and around the three holes where the metal clips of the main door panel insert into. Main door panel is flush

    "1971" front license plate frame. Metal frame with "1971" in matte chrome, 3D, 1" tall. F 100_6851.JPG rame was $12.50 and the numbers $2.50 each.

    Hyundai in my Camaro: Overhead console is from a 2002 Hyundai Elantra. My DD is a 2004 (same part). One of those ideas that just came into my head one day and wondered if it would fit in Christine.
    Fit is perfect. Height is 2 1/4". Might lower the height.

    Cost $17 on Ebay to front door. A salvage yard would have been $22 plus the drive and time.

    Pretty good condition for 16 years old. The lights work but will replace with LEDs. The plastic lens had some bad scratches. Used 400-2500 wet then polished with Plastix. Will spray with SEM I have that is pretty close to the color the still to-be installed 1-piece headliner

    LED conversion complete: Deciding which LEDs was a shot in the dark. 70-proof passed on what he used in the Dome and console. JThomas had some posting what he used. I shopped pretty much by lumens (with incandescent lumens as base) and the lens color. Also wondered how honest the manufacturers were in their claims. Found on a lighting website that to double brightness requires 4x increase in lumens

    Incandescent lumens are Sylvania, on website of Autozone

    211 Dome and 212 Console: 159 lumens, 2,800K white light. Installed 570 lumens, white (K unknown at least 4,100)
    LUYED 2 X 570 Lumens Super Bright 3014 48-EX Chipsets 569 578 211-2 212-2 LED Bulbs Used For Dome light,Xenon White

    Camera could not capture the brightness

    194 Dash:
    All incandescent 25 lumens, 2800k white light
    Is actually more bright. Photo with the 5 autometer way to dark
    30 lumens. Red light: Brake Warning https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/miniature-wedge-base/194-led-bulb-5-smd-led-tower-miniature-wedge-retrofit-car/206/#/attributes/10837
    (Red, blue and green had a noticeable increase in brightness but not a lot which is what I wanted).

    1157a Front Parking-Direction 302 lumens, amber bulb. Installed 900 lumens, amber light: KATUR 4pcs 1157 BAY15D 5630 33-SMD Amber 900 Lumens 8000K Super Bright LED Turn Tail Brake Stop Signal Light Lamp Bulb 12V 3.6W

    Photographed with garage door closed



    194 Side markers
    (A noticeable difference but not a lot which is what I wanted)

    Continued on part 2
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    Nov 24, 2012
    Houston, Texas
    Part 2 of 3
    1156 Backup:incandescent is 402lumens, 2800K white light. Installed 900 lumens, natural light (4,100) LUYED 2 x 900Lumens Super Bright 1156 3014 78-EX Chipsets 1156 1141 1003 7506 LED Bulbs Used For Back Up Reverse Lights,Brake Lights,Tail Lights,Rv lights,Xenon White


    Night (no flash)


    1157 Tail light and 67 License Plate: Unknown lumens, 2800K white light. Installed 105 lumens, 4100 natural white. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/tail-brake-turn/67-led-bulb-15-led-forward-firing-cluster-ba15s-retrofit-car/169/#/attributes/10854


    1157 Tail, Brake, Turn-Hazard:
    402 lumens, 2,800k white light. Replaces with 1,000 lumens red light
    AHEVO 2 x 1000 Lumens Super Bright 1157 3014 72-4014 PL Chipsets 1157 2057 2357 7528 LED Bulbs Used For Tail Lights,Brake Lights and Turn Signal Lights,Red

    The last 4 are brakes and hazard: got mixed up as to which is which



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    Nov 24, 2012
    Houston, Texas
    3 of 3

    Body survey:
    Needed an overall idea what needs to be done to which areas of the exterior body. Examined visually but also with the feel of my finger nail. Circled those areas with
    *** orange can not be sanded smooth with 320 on an Randon Orbit sander.
    *** Black will need filler.
    All those spotted areas reminds me of measles.

    4 types or repair
    1. Vast majority will be sanded with 320 random orbital then block sanded 320
    2. Areas that can be leveled by sanding to bare metal without needing filler will be sprayed with rattle can 2K epoxy primer from Eastwood then toped with their 2K urethane high build
    3. Limited fill work at the arc of the rear wheels, lower rear corner wheel well - quarter,
      bottom edge of the rear.
    4. Metal replacement will be both fender lower areas from just above the lower horizontal
      body line to just before the horizontal bottom
    Only a couple spots on the hood and upper front. Lower has rust from the front spoiler. Nose needs a lot of work

    100_6887.JPG 100_6888.JPG 100_6889.JPG


    I remember repairs were made at the lower left corner. Same location on passenger side

    Some gap at the seam. Bottom edge metal is wavy

    Lots of little stuff under what was covered by the spoiler

    One more post for passenger side

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    Nov 24, 2012
    Houston, Texas
    Passenger side body survey



    Fender area (and on driver side) below the bare metal will be cut out and an overlay patch panel attached with metal bonding.

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