71 RS - abandoned 23 years

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  1. Tokyo Torquer3

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    Oct 14, 2003
    No way should you be putting 50-80 ft lbs on those bolts.. more like 30!
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    Jan 19, 2010
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    Let me know when you get her back on the road, I'd love to see her cruising around, even if she still needs a new coat!
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    Sep 28, 2014
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    All your work looks good. Especially like your nice hood to fender gaps.
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    Sep 16, 2017
  5. Chuck71RS

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    Nov 24, 2012
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    Exterior – the final frontier
    These are the adventures of the GM Camaro....Christine
    My 5 year mission (gads it’s been to long)
    To seek out bringing her back to life, to let others look as I drive by
    For Chuck to boldly go (sometimes) where he has not gone before​

    1. Finishing the reassembly
    . Some tidying of wire runs in the engine compartment then a few items in the interior
    2. Insurance will cost $179 a year through Classic Collections. Will increase once the exterior is finished and I increase the value
    3. Register for the first time in 29 years. Go to the county tax office with VIN, proof of insurance, proof of safety inspection and payment
    4. Go get shop estimates for epoxy primer, urethane enamel and sand-polish

    The exterior scope
    1. Removable non-body parts (refinish, remove or replace)
    2. my painting what can not be seen
    2. My doing the body-sanding to ready Christine for painting at a shop (to be determined)

    1. Removable

    • install new seals
    • Refinish cover over cowl openings
    • Install the black plastic things at the back corners under windshield trim

    • Refinish trim along back edge
    • install threaded retainers in place of welded studs for the trim
    • Install new weather seals: cowl


    • Header - emblem (1986 replacement) still in excellent condition
    • Already removed: spoiler.
      • Looks out of proportion to the rest of the front.
      • Don't like the unsightly overlay on the lower valence panel
    • Already replaced: Headlight bezels and turn signals
    • To be rechromed: bumpers, grill
    • Install license plate frame: painted Sandalwood (GM 61) with "1971” in 3/4" black numbers on the upper frame surface

    • Already replaced - side markers (though the wrong year)
    • To be Refinished - trim on top edge and screw to the fender in place of missing welded studs
    • Already refinished the two fender emblems; "Rally Sport" and "350". Used 2500 grit sandpaper wet to remove junk off the chrome and shine it. Black inlaid paint still in good shape
    • To be refinished - trim at door top, door handle
    • Already removed; vertical door edge guard (will not go back on)

    Rocker panel trim panels (1986):
    • Replace driver side
    • clean up passenger side
    Quarter panels
    • already refinished 2 original side markers

    Trunk: Install new weather seal and lid bumpers

    • Already refinished, Tail light lenses, trunk lock bezel,
    • To be replaced: 3-piece spoiler with the 1-piece for the Z28. Though Christine is not a Z, I prefer the look of the 1-piece
      • Shorter profile
      • No unsightly overlay of the two outer pieces over the quarter panel. Looks cleaner.
      • Also driver side corner piece does not fit flush with the rear.
    • Relocate "Camaro" emblem on the right side of the center spoiler to the same location on the 1-piece. The 1986 replacement still in excellent condition
    • To be refinished: rechrome bumper
    • Already replaced rubber bumpers on the license plate mount
    • Elongate license plate mount bolt holes: This will raise the license plate for it hits the bumper when pulled down

    2. Paint by me Cowl, hood edge, hood jams, door jams, trunk jams and underside of trunk lid. (Sandalwood GM 61) with SEM High Build Primer-Surfacer and PPG acrylic enamel.
    • Cowl change from black to Sandalwood. Will look good for it will complete the surround of the engine compartment with the same color
    • Head and lower valence will also have the underside painted epoxy gloss black (VHT)
    • Hood and fenders will be off to repair the lower fender damage so will paint the fender jams before going back on.
    • Door jams: with fenders off will paint the door jams without removing the doors. Will have sufficient access to the jams from both sides

    3. Body and Sanding work
    to be ready for a shop to paint: Will not sand to bare metal unless I suspect something wrong
    • electic orbital sander (Harbor Freight) my air compressor does not supply enough cfm.
    • Block sand (7 piece Dura Block set from Amazon $41.
    Areas that will need more then just the above
    • lower valence panel some rust (surface) found after removing the spoiler
    • Rear wheel wells (back side) has some wavy metal (especially passenger side)
    • Corners at rear wheel wells and quarter panels. There is filler on the bottom edge of the quarters
    • Rear
      • surface along the bottom. entire length is wavy
      • lower panel two rather large but shallow impressions. Caused back in late 1980s when a breakdown resulted in a tow. Because of the front spoiler, the driver went with the rear end
      • divider between the two passenger side tail lights needs to go to bare metal
      • Seam between passenger quarter and rear
    Fenders: The lower area (horizontal accent line down)
    I remember repairs were made when painted in 1986. During the rebuild I saw a couple bumps in the passenger side surface. When I stripped the surface and saw what was under it... OH MAN..!!

    Plans to fix the fenders: A lot of help from Xten
    1. replace fenders but everyone I asked said don't it if can avoid it.
    2. patch panels and having a shop install them. Found two shops but the one selected changed their mind
    3. modifying the panels myself for overlay, cut out the bad outer panel area and secure with metal bond and clamps. Will also cut out (die grinder) most of the inner panel to access the back side of the outer panel and replace bad inner panel metal.

    Passenger: weld seam is a patch panel from 1986. Did not know this was done. Will remove(with a die grinder) with a horizontal cut just above the horizontal accent line done to just before the orange horizontal line. Will leave one inch for panel overlay on each side and bottom. The green rectangle was traced around the installed trim panel
    Green line is the bottom of the trim panel

    The bottom end of the panel is just before the inner edge of the fender bolts 100_6774.JPG


    Driver side


    Initial fit of the patch panel after cutting off the front and read edges



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