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    Most 1970 Camaros were issued "524" and "525" hood hinges (GM # 9790524 and 9790525 in Gr. 8.015) which were "reinforced" to correct a problem. The very late 1970 models may (or may not) have the 3990431 and 3990432 hinges as shown in the 1970 Camaro assembly manual. Very early 1970 hinges were GM # 3966881 and 3966882.

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    Kreg - 150 MPH speedo is also standard in '71 and, I think, '72 (130MPH starts in '73...or is it '72?:rolleyes:, um, well at least '71 for sure:D )

    Can you clarify what you mean by Muncie Shift plate? Are you talking about the mounting bracket on the tail shaft? or???

    NA-9 is still an option in CA it's just a required option (so an extra charge applies :bowtie: )
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    camaro parts uniqe to1970

    :cool: 06B70rsz28....I have a 1970z/28 and the flasher button does not have a screw on it. I purchase this car in the summer of 1970 and is not perfect but I still have it
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    Yup 06B,thats the indent. I know there was contoversy about when they changed the design in 70. I only learned about it when the double dash paint code,supposedly original black paint copo spoiler car came under scrutiny,and guys questioned if one 1/4 was original because it had the later indent and I believe that the car was build in april or earlier and guys claimed to have car later then that with the old style indent.

    On a 70 that I cut up,there was also a cutout down low on the inner 1/4 structure and all my 73's and 74's had just an indent there. The 70 also had a brace that ran inside the inner structure under the 1/4 which cant be seen unless the 1/4 is off the car or maybe by looking thru the doorjam vent. It runs from the top of the outer wheelhouse up to the roof area. I know none of my 73's or 74's have it,I dont know about 71 or 72's.It can be seen in this pic. Maybe somebody can set me straight.

    1970 inner structure. The brace is in the circle,the arrow points to the small cutout which had a plate screwed over it.

    1973 inner structure

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    Thought i would share these. This is 70 12 bolt cou open diff 331s. pulled from 70 rs parts car that hasn't been on the road since 1984. Ive seen the pink inspection mark on u joints, but haven't seen the green next to the axle code before anybody have thoughts on this?
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    Not sure if mentioned but 70 was last year for L78 and L34 big block camaro. Following year moved to LS3.
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    These are original markings from a COZ 3.73 1970 12 bolt.
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    What about the carpet clips

    Were the carpet clips on the front seat bolts a 1970 only item?
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    1970 remote bullet mirror DS .
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    Rear speaker grill , First design
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