4 post auto lift questions...

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking at purchasing this lift in the next couple months...


    This is about the max I can afford for this lift and I was wondering if any of you have had business with this company...Its $2075 delivered...The problem is my barn has a dirt floor and will remain that way for a while so whats your advice as to setting it on the ground? Cement pads, cinder pads, concrete footings? What would you do and how would you do it? Any do's and don'ts? Man I can't wait to get Audra's Camaro in the air so I can work on the transmission...
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    Looks identical to the Atlas 8k 4-post lift I bought from Greg Smith about 3 years ago and probably made by the same company in China...just branded different. I have not anchored the posts to my concrete floor....but I would not recommend assembling it on dirt. Personally I'd install it in a friend's garage that has concrete or wait until you get a slab poured in your own shop. Just sounds like a potential disaster waiting to happen.

    By the way, I really like my 4-post and it has worked flawless.
  3. The concrete slab will probably never happen out here as we are leasing this place...And this is solid rock hard Texas dirt that is inside the barn but was thinking 4 concrete pads might work...
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    Concrete is a must for these. 3" minimum. 4" preferably.

    Looks like the lift I have. It is a so-so unit.
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    can you have a small 4" thick slab poured at least large enough for the footprint of the lift?
  6. This is what I was thinking...
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    At a minimum, you could dig footings and either set some anchor bolts in concrete, or drill the footings later after the concrete cured and use expansion or adhesive anchors, just to ensure you have a flat stable surface to set the lift on. At least you could bolt the thing down to something substantial that way.
  8. John Wright

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    A posthole digger on the back of a PTO on a tractor will dig them easily.
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    I would not trust just footings or this may happen.




    At 59, I'll still crawl under my car and support it with lots of axle and trailer stands. I get the beegees thinking about the 68 Camaro.
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    It's a "four" post, not a two....different animal, but yeah, I understand what you are saying.

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