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Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications' started by 79sportcoupe, Jan 30, 2018.

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    I wouldnt replace the entire engine if it has good compression. Id pick some good parts that would work well with another motor years down the road but get you where you want to be now, starting with heads
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    Mar 30, 1999
    Although it takes it off the road, if you are sure the bottom end is healthy and really want to see what you are working with, pop a head off and see what pistons were installed. Then assuming you don't have some oddball dished pistons, select new parts to replace what you took off. If the new parts create issues in your old bottom end, you can swap everything over to a new one or after you rebuild yours.

    There are a few top end kits that include cam, heads, intake etc. that have some posted expectations for HP and torque given a certain compression and 350 ci. Edelbrock for example has some that eclipse 400hp with 9.5 C/R. Not that you have to use a kit like that but at least you can gauge what parts are being used (cam specs, intake type and head flow #'s) to achieve those ratings.
  3. 79sportcoupe

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    Nov 22, 2011
    I agree that the next logical step is to pull off the heads and check them out and also the pistons. If I do end up buying heads I guess that my goal needs to be to buy parts that are a grade above what would come on a crate motor so they could be re-used. This is probably not super hard to do I am guessing? I don't know what brand heads blueprint and these companies use but guessing that they are made in asia? Of course picking heads to transfer to a future build is problematic. The goals for this engine might be very different than the next, I guess you have to shoot for something in the middle that would flow like a 185 to 195 range etc.

    Those edlebrock complete topend kids are nice!, but $$$ I don't think I will stick as much as 2,500 dollars into this particular motor. At that point I would be better off just getting another motor altogether, and maybe keeping my current one around to build up/ practice on or something. It is in decent shape all things considered, but not sure how well the bottom end would hold up to 400+hp? I know they make smaller hp kits but they are still pretty pricey, and some of the things those seem to come with like timing gears and intakes I can use what I have.

    For now I may just try to upgrade the converter, put a decent cam in and make sure the compression and current heads are as good as I can get them (within reason without dumping wasted money in)and save up my pennies. Maybe it would be worth the money to resurface/ shave them?
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    Like others have said, if the motor is good I would go with cam, heads, intake and maybe a good carb. That will not be $2500. If I had anything left then maybe look at the headers/exhaust.
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    Nov 14, 2016
    Before you do anything you should make sure you are running enough timing. A lack of advance can drop 100 HP. A 350 should smoke the tires easily. I purchased a 1971 RS 350 two barrel in 1975, it would smoke the tires. If the motor is in good condition, do not replace it until you are sure it's tuned correctly.

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